Exclusive: We get to the bottom of last night’s mind-blowing FRINGE with Star Blair Brown

Still reeling from last night’s phenomenal FRINGE return? Can’t stop trying to wrap your head around the Walternate! The other side! The realization as to what poor Eric Stoltz’s career could have been?! Rest assured, neither can we. Which is why, upon our recent visit to the set of FRINGE, we sat down with Blair Brown who plays the increasingly mysterious Nina Sharp to talk about her character’s big reveal, family matters and what the future may-or-may-not hold for the head of Massive Dynamic.

Last night we finally learned the real behind what happened to Nina’s arm. What was your reaction to learning the truth and did you know all along that Cancer wasn’t to blame for the loss of Nina’s arm?
Blair Brown: Instinctively I just knew that Nina’s explanation was a lie, but I really didn’t want to ask [the writers] because I don’t like to know. I really love the scripts to show up and get to go, “Oh My God this is amazing!” It’s much more fun as a actor to play all the possibilities. Nina is the kind of person, or at least I choose to make her the kind of person who will always pretend to know everything, she just has to be the smartest dog in the room no matter what room it is. So it was very interesting all of a sudden to humanize Nina. I’ve always felt she’s one of those people who pretends to be something colder, cooler than she actually is. So now it’s interesting that this season we’ve started to see much more of her she is as a person and I think over next season we’ll start to understand her profound connection to not only Olivia, but to Peter. Because that goes pretty well unexplained.

It’s very interesting that you say that, because in last night’s episode, myself and fans certainly took note of how genuinely shaken Nina is with regards to young Peter’s death. I don’t suppose there’s any chance Nina’s interest in Peter might be a paternal one?
I don’t know that that’s out of the question. I don’t know. I always wondered whose mother I am. J.J. [Abrams] tends to play with generational things. So I’m of a generation where… is Peter my child? Well, first I thought maybe Olivia was my daughter. Then I wondered too whether even though we’re led to believe that this was Peter’s birth mother that was at the funeral, was that the case? I don’t know.

As we saw with Broyles earlier in the season, Nina does seem to make the rounds!
[Laughs] I think she has had her moments. I think she is a very emotional person given her cool demeanour. Often that seems to be the case that people are often the opposite of their personalities. So I have a feeling Nina is in fact a much more emotional person than she appears to be on the outside. You know, damage has been done and this is the way she has survived.

Talking to Jasika [Astrid] earlier in the day she mentioned how different and exciting it was to play her alternate universe counterpart. How much fun did you have playing yours?
[Laughs] We’ll see… it hasn’t happened yet.

Would you agree with J.J. Abrams statement that this upcoming two-hour FRINGE finale will be “richer and better and deeper that what we did last year.”?
While some would say it’s a mini-movie, I saw it’s a maxi-movie! It’s huge. It’s so complex I literally have read both episodes twice and I’m still not sure I get it.

I imagine after last night’s incursion to the other side, there will be serious repercussions for Walter. Will Nina have a price to pay for her role in Massive Dynamics?
Where we go in this season finale is really geared towards a confrontation between Bell and Bishop so the fall out from that will be for Nina next season.

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