Good News, Bad News: GLEE, Ashley Tisdale & DAMAGES

Good News: The latest issue of Rolling Stone features GLEE cast members Lea Michele, Matthew Morrison, Cory Montieth, Jane Lynch and Dianna Agron. Bad News: The cover does not pull out to reveal, you know… the rest of the cast.

Good News: Disney Channel will shine the spotlight on HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL alum Sharpay Evans in a new original movie set for summer 2011. Bad News: For actress Ashley Tisdale’s career, who we could have sworn was last heard telling anybody who would listen she was ready to move on with the Disney channel. [Source]

Good News: DirecTV might rescue DAMAGES from cancelation. Bad News: That this insanely addictive series, which by the way is having its strongest season to daten needs rescuing! [Source]

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  • Irish Joe

    Is Damages really close to being axed?? I didnt realise that it’s future was in doubt 🙁

  • Dr. Zaius


    A dog could grace the cover, but not the rest of the cast? I could understand not pulling in the recurring cast members, but Glee is more of an ensemble show than anything.

    And I don’t care how much they shove it in my face: Lea Michele may be one of the leads, but that doesn’t mean that she should get every solo they offer (and gripe about it when she doesn’t get it).

    Why don’t Asian, Aretha, Wheels, Gay Kid, or even Emma, among others, get part of the spotlight?

  • Abby

    Is this supposed to be like a Norman Rockwell painting? If so, which one? Anyone know? Would love to compare.