Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Thing You Didn’t Know About GOOD LUCK CHARLIE Star Jason Dolley

If the name Jason Dolley isn’t a household name, odds are that your household does not include a bunch of rugrats running around. For if it did, we have a feeling you’d be more than familiar with the affable young actor who has been a staple on the Disney Channel since breaking onto the scene in Saving Shiloh.

Now all grown up, well almost, Dolley will next be seen in tonight’s Disney Channel premiere of GOOD LUCK CHARLIE. A family comedy reminiscent of ABC’s TGIF friday lineup where he’ll play oldest brother P.J. who alongside his two siblings must care for their baby sister Charlotte (“Charlie”) when their parents return to work. And why we’re proud to present five things you didn’t know about the him.

He doesn’t want to grow up, he’s a Disney kid!
Unlike some other Disney actors who shall remain nameless, Dolley is in absolutely no rush to move on to more adult roles. “Oh my gosh, really, being part of the Disney family has been an incredible experience,” explained Dolley, as we quickly glanced through his imdb profile to realize just how much he has to be thankful for. “Even before CORY IN THE HOUSE, I did a part in a Disney Channel original movie, then I got CORY after which they basically gave me MINUTEMEN, I didn’t even have to read for it, same thing for HATCHING PETE. Disney loves to do thing in the family, and it’s been awesome.”

He’s not interested in the best of both worlds.
Despite guitar skills that have been highlighted in both CORY IN THE HOUSE, and to a lesser extent tonight’s premiere of GOOD LUCK CHARLIE, Dolley swears Hannah Montana he ain’t. “I do love music and I did start to learn guitar on CORY because Newt was supposed to be super-good. But that’s not really me,” said Dolley. “As far as doing music professionally, it’s not really my passion. My passion is acing — I mean you never know, anything can happen — but that’s not what i’m focusing on right now.”

Jason & Julia.
Proving that this kid may in fact be smarter than a fifth grade, the career this up and coming young actor would most like to emulate does not include any cast member from Twilight. “I’m probably shooting pretty high, but Meryl Streep is just the best,” said Dolley. “When you watch her you don’t see her, you see the character she is playing and I think that’s something that I really strive for and I try to do.”

He gives credit where credit is due.
“I have a fantastic support system, my family has been with me the entire way. They’re extremely supportive and it has really is a a family endeavour.” explained the actor who credits his Mom with taking time away from her life to drive him to auditions and chaperone him on set. “And I’m really blessed to have lived in southern California and have grown up here because I have friends that I’ve grown up with all my life and can hang out with on weekends where I’m just a normal kid. A couple of nights ago we played ultimate frisbee at a local park. It’s stuff like that is really important in keeping someone grounded.

He downplays the rivalry between Disney and Nickelodeon.
As much as media reports (yes we’re talking to you LA TIMES) loves to fan the flames between the much-buzzed about rivalry between Disney and Nickelodeon, Dolley promises that whatever corporate animosity there may be in the executive suite, is kept far from the actors. “I don’t really feel like there is a harsh rivalry, certainly not between the kids,” promised Dolley. “In fact, you don’t really get to see them often because Disney and Nickelodeon events are separate. But when we do, there’s not animosity between the kids at all.”

GOOD LUCK CHARLIE premieres on the Disney Channel Tonight, April 4 at 8:30PM

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