As promised, Thursday’s FRINGE completely lived up to the hype. Care to give me any clues as to what we can expect next? — Bill
The TV Addict: How’s this for a doozy… actress Blair Brown accidentally let slip a really interesting piece of intel on our recent visit to the set of FRINGE? One that might infer that Nina Sharp and William Bell may not be as close as we’ve been led to believe. “Communication is what it is, but it’s not like she [Nina] is taking instructions from him because she doesn’t hear from him,” said the actress. “What we’ll come to discover soon is that Nina tries to contact him [William Bell] but we’re not sure what comes back.”

Thursday’s FRINGE was seriously off the hook! How long will we have to wait for Peter to learn the truth about his origins? — Mandy
The TV Addict: Based on a recent conference call with actor John Noble, who promised that when Peter finds out “we literally tumble into these extraordinary last two or three episodes,” we’re going to go out on a limb and calculate that Thursday May 6th is precisely when Peter will learn the truth. Of course if we were any good at math, we probably wouldn’t be sitting in our pyjamas blogging on a Monday! Just sayin’

The photos you posted last week have me very excited for the arrival of Michael Trucco on CASTLE. Any word on the “really hot scene” Michael Ausiello teased that sparks their attraction. — Felicia
The TV Addict: If by word you mean a really hot photo depicting said really hot scene, well, enjoy!

I’m worried about poor Castle! How is he going to cope with Beckett and Tom (Michael Trucco) off doing who knows what for the rest of the season? — Jim
The TV Addict: Somehow, we have a feeling Castle will be okay. Particularly during the April 12th episode when a Hollywood Hottie (played to perfection by NIP/TUCK’s Kelly Carlson) drops by and does her best to nail the leading role in the upcoming big screen adaptation of Nikki Heat. Operative word here being ‘nail.’

Huge fan of Alyssa Milano, what’s the buzz on ROMANTICALLY CHALLENGED? — Paul
The TV Addict: As much as our inner tween is yelling at us to not answer this question, let’s just say that those worried that CHALLENGED co-star Kyle Bornheimer won’t be in a position to star in the yet untitled CBS pilot from HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER Carter Bays, Craig Rhomas, Kourtney Kang and Joe Kelly next season… Well, you can stop worrying now.

Anything on tonight’s CHUCK? — Daniel
The TV Addict: Not being located on the west coast and lacking the access to a private jet that we so desperately deserve need, we were sadly unable to attend the CHUCK panel at this past weekend’s WonderCon in San Francisco. Fortunately, what we’re lacking in riches, we more than make up for with our capability to stalk fellow TV Addicts via twitter. TV Addicts such as @hitfixdaniel who had this to say about tonight’s episode, “Monday’s CHUCK is the season’s best episode by a wide margin…” High praise from @hitfixdaniel, trust us!

Do you think CHUCK has a shot at a fourth season? — Michele
The TV Addict: Up until this weekend we did. But judging from today’s heightened twittertivity (Twitter + Activity) by co-execitive producer @JoshScwartz76, we can’t help but feel as though he’s genuinely worried for the show’s future. So why not do him, alongside fans of quality television everywhere a favour and tune in live tonight at 8PM on NBC. Operative word here being ‘live,’ especially if you’re a Nielsen family!

Can you please shed some light on the secret of Narrow Lake? This loyal BROTHERS & SISTERS fan is losing her patience! — Allison
The TV Addict: As it turns out, you’re not the only one. Which is probably why on the April 11 two-hour instalment of BROTHERS & SISTERS, the Walker clan will flash back to their high school days in an effort to uncover just why Nora is so desperate to sell Ojai to William’s nemesis, Dennis York. As for just what will be revealed, hey, we’re not about to spoil the fun here except to say we genuinely didn’t see it coming, an unrequited love may play into the equation, and one Walker’s life will more than likely never be the same again.

I love UNITED STATES OF TARA, any scoop? — Jay
The TV Addict: The sixth episode of the season will bring with it a disaster that will make the productions designers on Wisteria Lane look really bad.

Only two episodes left of LIFE UNEXPECTED remain. Please tell me Cate and Ryan get their happily ever after? — Sandy
The TV Addict: In truth, we can’t. What we can say is that the season finale does end with a wedding. Unfortunately, it may-or-may-not end up with an “I Do!” Alas, those pesky CW publicity folks are smarter than the average TV Addict, only going as far as to send us a leaked photo of Cate walking down the aisle, but not to whom! Ryan? Baze? Heck, with an episode titled “”Love Unexpected,” it could be anyone! Translation: There’s still hope for Math to get lucky!

Well that about wraps it up folks for this edition of “Ask the Addict.” if you’ve got a question for the TV Addict, you can email me directly at or follow me on twitter at

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  • Sheldz

    Chuck! Chuck! Chuck!

  • irishjoe

    I'm still thinking the B&S “twist” will involve one of the kids being from another father…

  • The season finale for Life Unexpected sounds so good!!!

  • TVFan

    Chuck and LUX being on the same time makes me sad.

  • I'm pretty sure that's it too. I vote for Tommy.