An Open Letter to ONE TREE HILL Fans

Dear ONE TREE HILL fans,

The results are in and you’ve done it again. Thanks to your grass roots organizational skills that would make the GOP blush, you’ve secured your favorite show a top five position in E! Online’s Annual Save One Show Campaign alongside BETTER OFF TED, CHUCK, LIFE UNEXPECTED, and PARENTHOOD. That’s the good news.

The bad news is the purpose of this letter.

In a nutshell: Seven [Seasons] are enough! Seriously. You had a good, heck, great run. But now it’s time to bow out gracefully. Our reason, assuming you haven’t already clicked away from this website and cursed our name in effigy, will be clear after the jump.

Nobody likes a Jay Leno. And by that we mean, the guy, or in this case the show that sticks around long after its best before date keeping the younger and some might say more deserving shows from getting their fair shake. Let’s face it, with seven seasons under its belt ONE TREE HILL has had a phenomenal run. Especially when you consider just how many shows don’t even make it to season five. Shows like EVERWOOD (Yup, still bitter!), FELICITY, GROSSE POINTE, JACK & BOBBY, POPULAR, ROSEWELL, VERONICA MARS, and that’s only on the WB/CW. ALIAS, ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT we could go on… alphabetically too boot, but in the interest of time won’t.

What we will do is leave you with a question to ponder: Namely, why do you still watch ONE TREE HILL?

If the answer is because you truly want to see what horrible tragedy befalls Dan Scott, again! Watch Nathan and Haley’s marriage almost fall apart, again! And revel in the show’s umpteenth slow-motion music montage, again! Then by all means vote for ONE TREE HILL.

BUT, if you only watch the show out of loyalty to the actors — which by the way we can completely appreciate having pretty much stuck with the new version of MELROSE PLACE for the original cast (Thomas Calabro FTW!) — please consider putting your substantial voting weight behind a show that might actually provide a job for the actors you’ve come to know and love in the future.

After-all, at best ONE TREE HILL has one more season in it. Whereas Robert Buckley or James Lafferty could play a potential love interest/ spy /baddie /romantic complication /underwear model on LIFE UNEXPECTED, CHUCK and/or PARENTHOOD for seasons on end!

In conclusion, if Chad Michael Murray and/or Hilarie Burton can walk away, so to can you. (Too soon?) But seriously, think about it. Please.

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  • leetaylor2

    this is bullshit. one tree hill is the greatest show ever. i'd like to see another show with more followers. you're stupid.

  • leetaylor2


  • leetaylor2

    i love this and completely agree.

  • one23hill

    I know it should end but not like that. It needs a few more episodes. Just one more shot for another season. Please.

  • Brandi

    I LOVE OTH!!! I have been addicted since the very first episode! I really do not want to see t come to an end! The story lines are so intriguing. I get so caught up in the show that I feel like I'm a part of it! lol

  • Maya

    NOOOOO! I love the new characters in ONT Quinn and Clay are just amazing. The show for me was just getting better and better! What's wrong with more seasons? I'm sure they're creative enough to think of new dramatic episodes! I want Quinn and Clay's amazing love back! They give me hope! *sniff sniff*

  • Anari