Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Questions with V Star Joel Gretsch

After TAKEN and THE 4400, was there any apprehension to signing on to another science fiction series?
Joel Gretsch: I think there was a little bit. After TAKEN — with Steven Spielberg who is a friggin’ genius — I thought, where do you go from there? But then I got to audition for this very compelling character driven show and even though we have this wonderful technology and a spaceship, it’s really about a mom who has a son who doesn’t listen to her. Sci Fi is the backdrop. So yeah I had a little trepidation, but this show is fantastic, the cast is amazing, on ABC with Warner Bros. production, people are watching it, we have all the tools for a great show.

Between a new showrunner and fairy unexpected scheduling snafu, V has had more than it’s fair share of changes behind-the-scene. How much do said changes affect you as an actor?
You know in some ways changes do affect you, but schedules changing is the business we’re in. All we really want is to do what is best for the show and it actually worked out the way it was supposed to work out. We were able to put out the first four episodes, fans got a sense of where we were going, and [new showrunner] Scott Rosenbaum had time to bring up his version of what he wants. From the fan point of view I understand that it was like, ‘Oh God, I have to wait how long for the next episode?’ But for us I think it actually worked out great and fans are going to love what we’re bringing back. There’s a lot going on, Scott Rosenbaum’s storytelling is just fast breaking and very exciting.

As the fight with the V escalates, one would imagine that Father Jack may be called upon to do some very unholy things.
There is stuff that’s going to come my way that you’ll see will really rock Jack’s foundation from that standpoint. It’s one thing to say something, but then to actually have to do it now. Jack has doings, has to be part of things that may not be his forté. He’s ill equipped but he gets to a point… We just shot something last episode that was so difficult because of where I came from as a character that I think… I can’t really tell you anything. It was challenging, and Jack changes. Jack is being thrust into an area where you can’t be passive anymore. When you get thrown into the room with a Tiger you better try and do something!

Another area where Father Jack may find himself conflicted is with Erica, a beautiful single mom!
Jack’s a man, she’s a woman, a very attractive woman, but you know Jack’s a Priest. Talk about an obstacle! What we found out even in the pilot when we were sitting on the rooftop just her and I, is that because of the circumstances that brought us to that moment, where there was no one else we could trust other than each other, is that level of trust becomes intimate which puts us in a very unique position. Anything else, hey, it’s early. I don’t know where the writers are going with it. But the beautiful part, aside from the circumstances I pointed out in the story is that myself, Joel and Elizabeth like each other, get along great and enjoy working with each other which lends to such intimacy in the scenes.

What can you tease about the big character death coming up?
It was very sad to read it because it’s always a shock to an actor, particularly when you’re on a show with such energy, you don’t want to leave. But it was done so beautifully, the day that person had the last scene, how it was done, makeup, hair, everybody was sobbing. I was there — I wasn’t in that scene — I was watching. Everybody was crying, it was so beautifully touching.

You can catch brand new episodes of V Tuesday nights at 10PM on ABC (CTV in Canada)

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  • He is an awful actor. On “The 4400” he was one of the worst characters and showed a complete lack of range. The same can be said about his guest starring role on “United States of Tara.”

  • blinktix

    Very interesting interview.
    I love Joel. He's really a great actor and Father Jack is one of my fav characters on V.

  • Suzanne

    That character death better not be Georgie. Joel Gretsch and David Richmond-Peck are (BY FAR) the best 2 actors on the show. Kill the kid or Ryan's woman PLEASE!