FRINGE Scoop From Star Jasika Nicole

While it’s not secret that FRINGE’s upcoming two-part Bishop versus Bell season finale is going to be big. What you may not know, is just how big.

“Fans will be begging to see what happens next!” teased star Jasika Nicole on our recent set visit to the Vancouver, British Columbia set.

Of course with said finale still weeks away, much of the focus over the next few episodes will be in dealing with the aftermath of last week’s shocking reveal. You know, the one that had Walter admitting to Olivia that the Peter she knows (and may love) is actually a replacement from the other side!

“After coming to grips that this other universe exists, Astrid’s immediate reaction was, I need to be there for him, for Walter, because she knows what a downfall this is going to have for his relationship with both Peter and Olivia,” explains Nicole with regards to what fans can expect from the aftermath. “She knows that Walter’s been kind of abandoned often throughout his live because of the things he’s done, he’s hurt people and now he’s completely immersed himself in people’s lives and she just wants to be there with him.”

After-all, if there is one person who might possibly be able to understand the difficult choices one must make in the name of science, it’s Astrid. Whose loyalty to Walter has become one of her defining and most endearing qualities. A quality which will not surprisingly be put to good use as the season reaches a conclusion.

“You actually get to see it later, in an episode that hasn’t aired of course, where it’s just Astrid and Walter kind of hanging out in the lab because Peter doesn’t want to have anything to do with him, he’s really hurt. So she’s just trying to help keep him in a good place because who knows what will happen.” says the actress facetiously. Because let’s face it, if there is one person who knows exactly what will happen… it’s the woman who just recently had the pleasure of reading the jaw-dropping season finale script that has Astrid meeting what we’re poorly dubbing “Alterstrid!”

“Alternate Astrid is very very different. More so than I ever imagined that the writers would allow her to be which is super exciting to be able to play that.” says Nicole with the mischievous smile of an actress who knows far more than she’s willing to admit. “Getting to play this super different person in this alternate reality, I ended up doing way more things than I ever imagined.”

Things that Nicole obviously wasn’t going to share, with the exception of this one incredibly cryptic and ambiguous season finale tease.

“Just know that the alternate universe is completely separate from our universe. So you assume that there are all these tie-ins, like this person will be with this person, or this person is going to be there and this person won’t be there. None of that has any founding on where we are and what we have seen in the show thus far. It’s like a completely different television show you could do there. FRINGE is its own spin-off!”

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