Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Questions with BONES Creator Hart Hanson

Just how much added pressure is there when it comes to something as momentous as BONES 100th episode
Hart Hanson: The 100th episode was one of those nerve-wracking ones. All the milestone episodes of BONES are nerve-wracking because you’re going to get yelled at, you’re going to get yelled at! That said, it was really fun to go back to the proto-characters. See Brennan back before and Booth and Cam when she was a coroner. Even though I’m not sure they’re going to look different enough!

What was the thought process behind bringing Zack [Addy] back, but not Dr. Daniel Goodman?
Going through all the things we could do, something had to give and it was Jonathan Adams (Dr. Daniel Goodman), who is one of my favorite actors in the world. When you see the episode, there are some plot necessities, we had to use Caroline (Patricia Belcher) and bring back Zack (Eric Millegan). And I think it’s kind of like picking a scab, people go, “Oh they should never have let that guy go!” which is the last thing I want. But fans should be happy to see Eric again. And I think he’s delighted to come back to. When I called him and asked him, he didn’t seem to hem and haw about it too much!

On that subject, now that Zack’s name has been cleared, is there any chance we’ll see him returning to the show?
I have no plans to bring him back as a regular, the “Squintern” thing is working very well for us which is why that happened in the first place — to bring more stories into the lab. And that’s going to more and more necessary as time goes on in BONES as it looks like we could go for 8 years. We need story-lines in the lab for production reasons and those rotating interns do that. But we have to pay off that story, what Zack is and is not guilty of and it’s a lot of fun to have him back.

Crime dramas seem to have gone from dark to light, what’s your take on that?
I think it was inevitable. There were all those crime procedurals that were very very cut and dry procedurals and were massively popular. As all the networks got their crime procedurals, you had to do something to be different. We came on and had to be different from CSI, we had to do something different. I don’t think anyone’s ripping off anybody, i just think it’s just a natural progression in the stories, that you’re going to go to the characters. As those shows get older they tend to do the same thing, go more into character. And I’m glad we were kind of there in the front of the funny Crime-edys as well call it.

Looking back on the first 100 episodes, do you have a favorite?
I have some that I’m very fond of including ones that the fans might not necessarily agree with. The first Christmas show was one of my favorite episodes. I got hollered at by the studio for that. Maybe when somebody hollers at me it makes me like the show more. They [the studio] thought it was too soon to be this much character and I got yelled at, but it was what it was and I always like it. I liked “The End in the Beginning,” the alternate reality show a lot. I think part of the reason why was that all the actors got to be something different and it was just fun to do something different. That may not be the best reason to like something, but shooting it was so much fun. The actors had so much fun, David [Boreanaz] and Emily [Deschanel] had so much fun. Ian Toynton who was our directing producer directed it and it was a blast. And then you had Motley Crue, it was just fun!

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  • Mickey

    The term is “Squintern” (squint interns), not “Swintern”

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  • Amy_D259

    I wish they would bring Eric back for good.
    I hate the rotating interns thing.

  • Amy_D259 – You and me both. I can't stand the rotating interns. Either bring Zack back or keep Wendell and lose the rest of them, especially Daisy. She's so annoying.

  • Lexi

    I think they can bring Zack back and still keep the Interns. There is a huge storyline there, I wish the writers would explore it! Seasons 1 thru 3 are stronger than Seasons 4 and 5 and I think the family aspect of the Squints has a lot to do with it. Theres a place for Zack in Season 6. Bring Zack back!

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