UGLY BETTY Recap: Oh No They Didn’t!

As much as we loved virtually every aspect of last night’s penultimate UGLY BETTY — with notable mentions going to Mark putting the kibosh on the Suarez “We’re okay with you being gay!” party for Justin, the entirety of Hilda’s wedding that may-or-may-not have had us reaching for the kleenex, and Betty dropping Henry like a sponsor who just learned about the existence of yet another “FOT” (Friend of Tiger Woods) — we did have one tiny little issue with the episode that we simply have to get off our chest. Namely, that of Daniel and Betty. Quick, what’s Spanish for “Please God No!”

With apologies to “Detty” shippers everywhere, please count us among those who hope that last night’s Daniel/Betty tease, combined with the photo Ausiello leaked earlier in the week is simply a case of classic misdirection on behalf of maniacal showrunner Silvio Horta. Seriously. BETTY is at its ugliest when the show focused on which guy Betty bedded, a number which incidentally was astoundingly high for someone so “ugly!” (see: Walter, Henry, Gio, Matt etc.) At least from our perspective, endlessly quotable barbs tossed out by Willamina, Marc and Amanda on a week-in-and-week-out basis aside, the core of the show has always been about watching our heroine fight — often times hilariously so — to make it at Mode while still holding on to her uniquely Suarez roots. Which is why we’re hoping that when the credits roll at the end of next week’s finale, Betty takes a page from Kelly Taylor’s playbook by choosing “Me!”

Who’s with us?

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  • I was actually surprised that I didn't hate the idea. I twittered a few weeks ago with a “wait, are they doing a Detty 'ship” and now that I see it kind of playing out, I think it works – Daniel's totally grown into more than a stupid playboy, and Betty's changed, too. Makes sense (plus, spoiler alert, it's how the original story it's based on finished up, too)!

  • joshemerson

    Thank you! Although my issue isn't that she ends up with a guy, my issue is whether that guy is Daniel. Seriously, these two have been like siblings for the bulk of the show. How could you possibly “go there” and have them end up together romantically? I definitely hope that the obviousness of where it's leading is just a misdirection to throw people off of how it'll actually end.

    Betty/Daniel reminds me of the whole Gizzie debacle on Grey's, except the show is going off the air and would be ending that way.

  • joshemerson

    BTW aside from that, I am looooving Ugly Betty this season. Last night was another great episode. It makes me sad that the show is going off the air, though I think that's part of the reason why it has gotten better. They're working towards a conclusion.

  • Sonja

    I'm one of “those” who quit watching the show entirely after that article about “Detty” not being the plan for the show. After that Ugly Betty fell off my TV radar like an ACME anvil.

  • Gabriela

    I think its awesome that Daniel and Betty end up togethr, that's the way the original show ended and that didn't changed how hard working woman and how heroine Betty was, I am glad they are sticking to “canon”

  • BJ

    In the shows defense, they did sort of turn me on to the idea last night. However last night was also the very first time in the history of the show that I ever got that vibe from the two and considering there is only one episode left, rushing them into a relationship really will feel as though it came out of nowhere.

  • bere

    POR FAVOR DIOS NO!! in spanish

    i'm all for detty