An In Depth Look At… THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS’ Hottest New Couple!

There’s a murderer in Genoa City, and that means everybody needs an alibi. Unfortunately, that’s going to create some major problems for THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS’ Victoria seeing as the only way she can prove she didn’t commit murder is to admit to having committed adultery with BIlly!

“It’s a definite quandry,” says Soaps In Depth executive editor Richard M. Simms. “It wouldn’t be such a problem if Victoria wasn’t worried about losing custody of her son, Reed, to hubby J.T.” So as the police look for Adam’s murderer, Victoria and her secret lover make the questionable decision to lie when questioned as to their whereabouts the night Adam bit the dust.

“There’s certainly no shortage of suspects,” says Simms. “After all, in true ‘Who Shot JR’ fashion, just about everyone in town declared that they wanted Adam dead. And, of course, most of the prime suspects were gathered together for the masquerade ball when Adam was killed in the basement of the hotel in which the event was being held.”

So far, romantic rivals Phyllis and Sharon have worked together to protect Nick (whose blood-soaked jacket was found by his wife), Jack’s handkerchief was found stuffed into the mouth of the burned corpse and Victor admitted that the blood on the watch he tried to dispose of belonged to his late son.

Yup, suspects galore.

But it’s Victoria who may have the most to lose… even if she had nothing to do with the crime. “What’s amazing is how quickly the audience has fallen in love with Billy and Victoria,” says the editor. “This is a couple who really only connected in the past month or two, and yet they’ve captured the attention of a lot of viewers. Their portrayers, Billy Miller and Amelia Heinle, have the kind of chemistry together that every soap producer dreams of.”

But will their romance be cut short by the lies they’ll have to tell in the weeks to come?

For details on what’s to come for the pair, pick up the new issue, which also features an interesting look at how the lives of various AS THE WORLD TURNS characters would be different if they’d made different choices in life, a peek behind the scenes of Italy’s DANCING WITH THE STARS (on which THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL’s Ronn Moss took second place!) and an interview with Y&R’s Stephen Nichols (Tucker) on life as Genoa City’s newest tycoon.

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  • zou2

    I haven’t watched Y&R in over 30 years and then happened upon a scene with Billy and Victoria and was immediately smitten. I don’t know anything about these characters really, but their chemestry on the screen was fantastic.

    Now I search out clips of them everyday to watch. I don’t really care for the rest of the show or the canvas they are on yet, just this couple and their rapport….but who knows, they may be enough to get me hooked an this soap and since I’ve given up on all other’s except General Hospital I now have room again on my DVR.

  • Billy and Victoria are like Y&R's own version of the 4th of July! Fireworks are always on screen when you put these modern day Romeo and Juliet together! Billy Miller's one helluva dynamite gain for the show and he's proving it yet again!

  • Lauri

    Billy Miller is so very talented! Amc's loss was defintily Y&R gain …love,love,love Billy & Victoria together!

  • I LOVE Billy & Victoria as a couple! I think I saw the sparks flying even before THEY did! I hope that Y&R will continue to explore them as a couple on the show for a LONG time. Billy Miller and Amelia Heinle are terrific at what they do. More, more, more! Oh, and Victor needs to butt out! He had NO right to tell Billy to stay away from his daughter. She's a grown woman…she wants to be with Billy, it's her perogative!

  • Mia

    Love them together. Victoria and J.T. are boring. I’ve never been a fan of the re-casting of Victoria. I like this pairing though.

  • josephine

    I love Billy and Victoria they have amazing chemistry and sparks hit the screen when their on.They are one of my favorite couples in daytime right now which is funny because I'm picky and it takes alot for me to get invested in a couple lol.But they have it,I'm hoping they do fall in love and take on their familes head on lol.They have such potiential to be a supercouple if the writers do it right,Victor's daughter in love with a Abbott just imagine holidays hilarious.We know Billy can get under Victor's skin with the best of them.I think it would be funny if Billy cracks on victor and victoria laughs at him and tells him to stop that looks like something that would happen.

  • These two have to be the most plot driven couple I've ever seen. Victoria is acting like a 16 yr old (all scared her father will find out) and Billy is acting like Billy. When exactly did they “fall inlove” because I must have missed it – these two are beyond awkward together & this storyline is truly unbelieveable. It's sad.

  • laa1025

    Love them!!

  • Danielle87

    I have to agree with Mimi that Billy and Victoria is the most contrived and plot driven couple. Tptb should just pin them has only having a fling and not some stupid Romeo and Juliet love story that does not work because Victoria is a 40-to-45 year old woman and Billy is close to 30 years old who are are independently stable ( money wise). I think if Victoria was played by Heather Tom instead of Amelia ” Ambien” Heinle, I could see this “couple” being hot but that is not the case.

  • Stephanie

    Billy and Victoria are so forced it's not even funny. Victoria is a middle-aged woman who is still afraid of what her daddy thinks. Victoria sucked the life out of JT and I'd hate for Billy to suffer the same fate.

    And well Billy is just being Billy. Victoria is the 8th person he's been with in the past year. The writers love to pimp him out and are now using him to prop up a character that is too weak to stand on her own.

  • jade

    ^LOL! Well if that's propping, keep propping. I LOVE them together.

  • Blai

    I'd like them more if Victoria wasn't married:(

  • Danielle87

    I can't stand Victoria and Billy. I don't think that they are HOT, I think that they a forced, contrived, and plot-driven,

  • Carolyn

    The writers can try to sell this all they want, I'm still not buying. Victoria is a joke. She is a 40 year old afraid to stand up to her father and watching her try to pull off light-hearted and witty banter just makes me laugh.

    Billy is talented but like someone else said, he is propping a character too weak to stand on their own. I would rather watch Billy paired with someone who doesn't need him to be interesting. They did it with Mac and now they are doing it witch Victoria. No thanks I'll pass.

  • Mermer

    I'm sorry but I don't see anything with this couple.

    It's clearly plot-driven and has no bases on the characters. You'd think that Victoria wouldn't cheat on JT AGAIN! And why does she always have to be paired with younger guys.

    Billy is fun and charming and this seems to me like Bacteria all over again. He's carrying the scene for the both of them.

    Pair Billy with his Chloe…and real sparks will be seen.

  • Yorozco

    I don't get it. What the deal? I'm reading more naysayers to this stupid pairing than supporters, just like on most boards. Yet, the soap mags and producers keep pimping it. They suck and alot of people see it for what it is: a last-ditch effort to save AH's Victoria. But at what cost? Sims and others can prop this pseudo couple all they want, I'll pass on the KoolAid. Now Billy Miller and Vail Booom, that was chemistry. Shame on MAB for wasting it for this crap.