First Look: Betty White Lands in THE MIDDLE

Question: What do Betty White and libraries have in common. Answer: You don’t mess with either of them! A lesson Brick is about to discover on the May 19th season finale of THE MIDDLE (8:30PM ABC) when parents Frankie and Mike are shocked to discover that Brick may be held back from going to third grade because the school librarian, Mrs. Nethercott (Betty White) has it out for him due to 31 unreturned books. More first look photos of which can be seen after the jump.

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  • What is it with Betty White these days, she's all over the place and everyone is talking about her. Amazing that at 80+ years old she's hitting a career high. I don't like The Middle but I bet that will be funny. She did a guest spot on My Name Is Earl a while back that was excellent. I didn't even realize it was her until halfway though the episode.

  • forg

    I love The Middle and I hope this will boost the ratings

  • chels725

    I love The Middle, especially Brick, and Betty White. These two are gonna be comedic gold.