Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Reasons Why Last Night’s FRINGE Was Killer!

Surprise Cameos!
Still reeling from last night’s icky FRINGE opening? Couldn’t sleep over the fact that there was something eerily familiar about the actress who portrayed the poor woman who came down with a very bad case of, well, Cancer? Rest assured, you are not suffering the unexpected side-effects that come with suppressing a trauma that may-or-may-not have been a result of experiments conducted on you as a child! Rather you just didn’t realize that the unlucky lawyer was none other than Diane Kruger, or as FRINGE star Josh Jackson likes to call her, his fiance. (Not to mention star of Inglorious Basterds and TV Addict guilty pleasures National Treasure 1 & 2)

We are family.
Or as Peter puts it, the “odd little family unit” that himself, Olivia and Walter have formed where investigations of gruesome murders and unexplained phenomena are occasionally put on hold to discuss upcoming father/son ski trips and who is in fact where on Olivia’s speed dial is this close to being torn apart. Which is sure gonna make it all the more painful when the other shoe drops. Which brings us to…

The other shoe.
We’re not sure we’ve had this much fun watching a television series since the days on ALIAS when Sydney would, unbeknownst to her, casually share a tub of ice cream with da… da… duh… EVIL Francie! A fun factor that’s about to get all the more exciting because….

Everybody lies.
Or at least Nina Sharp does. Particularly when she is being confronted by Olivia who finally comes out and says what everybody has been thinking, “I’ve always been a little foggy as to your motives.” Well, Duh! Plus, is anyone else worried as to how Nina can so easily justify lying to the ones she supposedly loves? One shudders to think at the magnitude of secrets she is a keeper of.

The Monster of the week.
And finally, what started out as the perfect episode for the FRINGE neophyte to enjoy, featuring your standard monster-of-the-week, slowly but surely evolved into a densely-packed mythology-laden episode that culminated with the reveal that someone from the alternate universe is trying to recruit alumni from the most mismanaged daycare in the history of the universe for a coming war. Why? When? All we know for sure is that last night’s writing pattern delivered a virtually flawless blueprint for how every FRINGE episode should play out. Monster + Mythology = Holy Frak we cannot wait to see what happens next!

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  • olddarth

    While this one once again only tied into the mythology in a peripheral manner, because it is all linked to Peter's back story – and Olivia's and Walter's and William Bell's – it was quite engrossing.

    Walter deciding he is going to tell Peter the truth was an about face that seems arbitrary though even with the events of this episode. He has spent his whole life hiding this secret and has seen worse consequences than this.

    Awaiting with great anticipation for the reveal moment to occur.

  • TV Fan

    Agreed on all points. So nice that an episode that could have been such a letdown falling last week's game-changer ended up flawlessly keeping the momentum going.

  • Cristina

    “Holy Frak we cannot wait to see what happens next! “

    Couldn't have said it better myself!

    And Peter is NOT going to be happy with any of those who kept the truth from him when he finally finds out… 🙁