We Tip Our Hat to DEXTER Star Lauren Vélez

There are two type of actors in this world. The kind of actor who leaves the fans responsible for her twenty million dollar per movie paycheque high and dry to shoot movies focus on their family. And Lauren Vélez. An actress who spent the better part of her DEXTER hiatus playing a love interest for Ignacio Suarez on UGLY BETTY and was cool enough to drop by Wednesday’s penultimate episode for what in essence amounted to little more than a cameo appearance. Albeit a very important one that not only added to Hilda’s beautiful wedding, but left fans with the distinct impression that Ignacio — who odds are isn’t going to get much of send-off in what will surely be a jam-packed BETTY finale next week — will get his happily every after after-all. Our hat goes off to you Lauren Vélez. Rest of Hollywood, take note.

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  • TV Fan

    Happy for the Lauren Velez shout out. And agree, what a class act to show up for Betty's almost swan song. Really added to the episode.

  • dj

    I love her she has allways been a class act, she is talante and sexy at the same time and does not have to show to much to be sexy. she is a true woman