Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Things You Didn’t Know About DANCING WITH THE STARS Host Tom Bergeron

Fan of Tom Bergeron? Well, today is your lucky day! Because tonight, following two hours of DANCING WITH THE STARS, the Bergeron-athon continues with a guest appearance on CASTLE. And here to kick it all off (and by ‘all’ we of course are referring to the officiall unofficial start to National Bergeron Appreciation Day which may-or-may-not be something we just made up this very moment) is, with five thing you didn’t know about the man.

He never set out to be a host.
“I started in radio when I was a teenager,” admits the man who has made a household name for himself by hosting ABC’s reality TV juggernaut that is DANCING WITH THE STARS. “Years ago I did regional and improv theater and really was more drawn to that. Television sort of happened as an accident. A very happy accident.”

He is a Trekkie.
“I was a big fan of STAR TREK growing up, particularly the original series.” explained Bergeron when asked by during an interview last week as to why one of his only acting credits is a two episode stint on STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE. “That role happened because of my friendship with Whoopi Goldberg. I was visiting the set of the last movie that the “Next Generation” cast shot and [Producer] Rick Berman came by to take us on a little tour of the set and he offered me a role.”

His dream contestant is William Shatner.
“Whenever I get to see Shatner, who is a big DANCING WITH THE STARS fan I’m thrilled because he’s effusive about me and the show and I get to hang with him,” explained the affable host. “He and [his wife] Elizabeth love the show so I follow up with another vain attempt to get him to do it. God he’d be great, he always is great television. But he won’t do it!”

He hopes he’ll know when to exit stage left.
“I’d like to think that when someone says it’s time to go to the ‘old host’s home’ I won’t put up too much of a struggle,” says the 54 year old host on the subject of whether he sees any parallels between his career and the fictional talk show host he plays on tonight’s CASTLE. “But having said that, you look at someone like Bob Barker and Regis who have taken their careers quite lucratively into their 70’s, and Bob’s case I think he was 80 when he retired.”

He’s on Team Coco.
“I felt that he got sort of a raw deal,” said Bergeron of Conan’s short-lived stint as host of THE TONIGHT SHOW. “Obviously he got a bit money payout, but that is in some karmic sense small consolation when for five years you’ve been planning to go in a certain direction and to me you’re never really given a chance to prove yourself.”