10 Questions with GLEE Star Chris Colfer

In anticipation of GLEE’s much-anticipated return tonight (9:28PM FOX, Global in Canada), say HELL-O to star Chris Colfer, with whom we recently had the pleasure of posing a few questions to.

With all the build-up surrounding these back nine episodes, can they possibly live up to the hype?
Chris Colfer: Because maybe they’re tired of us? [Laughs] Actually, I have absolutely no fear whatsoever because the next episodes are above and beyond anything we did in the first thirteen. The ratings will speak for themselves, but as far as the material, it just gets better and better.

What’s in store for Kurt, specifically?
We are in a heavy battle with Vocal Adrenaline, our competing Glee Club which is starting to see the New Directions as a threat. But in terms of Kurt, he has a diabolical plan of getting Finn’s mom and his Dad to get married so that he can be close to Finn always. Kurt tries setting them up so that he can be Finn’s roommate.

Will Kurt ever move on from Finn?
I think he’ll always has a soft spot for Finn, but I’m pretty sure Kurt will get a real boyfriend in the first couple episodes of the second season. One that I’m hoping is less attractive than me because I don’t want to be the bad end of the couple. Of course knowing the producers, they’re probably going to get some adonis of some kind which will really suck for me, but that’s okay.

How similar are you to that of your character?
Like Kurt, I was kind of an outcast and was bullied in high school. We’re both very different people, but the fact that we’ve had so many similar experiences, it makes the character so much more relatable because the emotion is coming from a real place.

Do you think gay teens can identify with your character?
I definitely hope so. One of the reasons why I decided to play him like I portray him on the show is that there are a lot of very over-the-top flamboyant loud characters like Kurt on television. I grew up in a very small conservative town and I didn’t know too many people like that. But I did know a lot of people that were very quiet, internal and thought themselves very superior to everybody around them and that’s how I play Kurt — like the real people that I knew and I think that has what people have been responded to.

Do you hear from a lot of fans responding to Kurt?
Thousand. I get so many letters and messages. I think fan mail lis written all digitally now. On facebook, there are so many letters from so many people just so relieved to see someone being honest with who they are in high school. It’s so important to them, I’ve gotten so many messages it’s impossible to read it all, there’s just so many yet every time I’m a little down I open up my facebook and read them.

Is there a downside to fame?
I think fame does have its ups and downs. There’s a lot you have to sacrifice, like being able to go outside without someone stopping you on the street. There’s been a couple of incidents when fans have stopped me and I kind of wish they hadn’t. Embarrassing places like the pharmacy, or the grocery store when I’m buying prunes! But it’s a give and take.

Knowing how your life has turned out, what would you tell your nine-year old self?
Oh gosh. I would tell him not to be afraid to be out of the box. I would love to tell him, ‘Hey, you’re going to be on a hit TV show so don’t worry about anything!’ But yeah, I think I would just say hang in there, it definitely will get better.

What’s it like working with Ryan Murphy?
It’s great. He’s one of the few people that can make me laugh really hard. It’s really great to watch him get inspired by something because you can see in his eyes, the wheels start turning in his head and all his creative juices start flowing. He’ll meet someone or hear a song and decide to right to it, it’s a cool sight to see.

Is there any added pressure on you now to be a role model offscreen.
There are a lot of people that look up to Kurt and personally I think that my biggest responsibility is making sure the character is handled with the respect and that it needs because he means the world to so many people. In terms of off-camera, we’re always so busy we don’t really have to worry about making fools of ourselves because we’re always working and never go anywhere. But I do think there is pressure to be the best we can both on screen and off.

GLEE returns Tuesday April 13th at a special time, 9:28PM (est) on FOX (Global in Canada)

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    I hope I get to play his boyfriend. Thank for voting for me addict!

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    Omg in a way I wish he wasn’t gay cause I love him sooooooooo much!!!!!

  • tara smith

    i feel bad for chris colfer he was bulled i was to well i still am i am in 6th grad they are pushing me calling me fat and ugly and those are the people with bad grades.Those people are going to not get a good job and might go to jail cause they are bad in school so when im older i will show them that i can do it get a good job with moeny and not care if i am fat or ugly.

  • i so wish i wuzt gay gay and he wuzt gay love u chris colfer

  • i so wish i wuzt gay gay and he wuzt gay love u chris colfer