This Just In: GLEE Isn’t the only Show Airing a Big Episode Tonight (V Star Joel Gretsch Reveals Why!)

After months of anticipation, promos and hype… he’s back. No, we’re not talking about Mr. Schuester, seriously people, there are other shows on the air tonight aside from GLEE! Rather, John May, who you may have heard, lives. And here to talk about tonight’s much-anticipated John May reveal, among other things, is V series star Joel Gretsch.

What can you tease about John May?
Joel Gretsch: John May is played by Michael Trucco [BATTLESTAR GALACTICA], who is terrific in the role by the way. He is an integral part, he really influenced Ryan. I remember reading this episode, loved it and thought it was beautifully written. I sent an email to [Executive Producer] Scott Rosenbaum and the writers saying, “It’s very emotional!” The episode just reveals so many things and I think solidifies the resistance. We begin to understand more and more about each other. Even though we’re trying to accomplish the same goals, we don’t know each other very well — especially Hobbes. The episode is kind of like the epicenter, and it’s going to be very exciting.

Will viewers get a glimpse into the origins of the Fifth Column?
Daniel, do you think I can actually tell you this! No… I cannot, you gotta watch Tuesday [Laughs]. But put it this way, the episode is beautifully done and you will find out the answer to the question you just asked.

Will Father Jack start to get his hands dirty tonight?
[Long pause] Umm… to a certain degree. I think that something is going to happen to Father Jack that is unusual. I remember playing the part, after the scene was over I was a little shocked to the degree that Jack kind of reveals himself in a way. It’s an unusual place for him, being a part of this resistance, so he does do something that is unusual and compromises him to a certain degree.

Have you been surprised where the series has taken Father Jack as you get further into shooting the season?
When you do a movie you have a beginning, middle and end of your character. Doing a TV role playing the same character, even though it is the same character you don’t know what the writers are going to write for you in the next episode. All of a sudden you could have a brother from Montana! That level of not knowing is kind of an exciting aspect of it. What I do like about it is that you understand the relationships. As the episodes go on, my relationship with Erica gets deeper, stronger and more informed.

Since you mentioned Erica, would the deepening of your relationship be of the romantic variety?

And finally, I have to ask about the ratings. They haven’t been great. Is there any worry on your part?
No I have not heard from ABC nor would I think I would. We’re all aware to a certain degree of what the ratings are but look you have no control over it. I love the show that we’re putting out, I think the show is really great show, we have a wonderful cast, the stories are fantastic. What I would love to say to the fans is this: I know it’s been a long time to wait, we’ve taken four months off after watching four episodes and I think fans out there are very smart, they don’t want to get attached to a show that they don’t know where it’s going whether it will be around or not. What I do know about ABC and Warner Bros. is that at they’re committed to this show and forever long we can possibly go we’ll keep putting out good episodes. I do know that everyone behind-the-scenes is happy with what we’re doing from a storyline standpoint.

V airs Tuesday nights at 10PM on ABC (CTV in Canada)

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  • joshemerson

    I'll be watching V while DVRing Glee. I hope it comes back for another season.

    I have to say though, I really miss The 4400. I loved that show.