Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Reasons Why the CW *MUST* Renew LIFE UNEXPECTED

LIFE UNEXPECTED costs $45 to shoot.
Okay, not exactly! But with the network’s smallest ensemble this side of SUPERNATURAL and no special effects to speak of, we’d be shocked to discover that LIFE UNEXPECTED wasn’t the network’s most affordable scripted series. Seriously. Just how tight was the CW when it came to holding on to those proverbial purse strings throughout the series’ initial 13 episode run? There wasn’t even enough room in the budget to invite Cate’s sister Abby — who came down with a mysterious case of food poisoning — to the wedding, let alone Bug and Jones.

It has earned it.
Simply put, LIFE UNEXPECTED has succeeded on all levels. Both in the creative department, where creator Liz Tigelaar and Co. successfully crafted a world in which we care enough to spend more time in that we’re writing this post. And in the ratings one, as the series continues to outdraw the far more expensive and extravagantly hyped GOSSIP GIRL with virtually no marketing budget and promotion to speak of. (See: Exhibit A, Exhibit B and Exhibit C.)

LIFE UNEXPECTED sends a positive message.
In fact, not since 7th HEAVEN has a show on the CW so beautifully counterbalanced the endless parade of inexplicably thin twenty-somethings making a string of very poor decisions on the likes of GOSSIP GIRL, ONE TREE HILL, 90210, AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL, HIGH SOCIETY and MELROSE PLACE.

Cliffhanger Much!
Although we wouldn’t go as far as to say that last night’s ending was quite that unexpected, Liz Tigelaar wasn’t kidding when she teased that, “we’re definitely airing on the side of season rather than series finale.” Did Cate choose the right “love?” Will Ryan regret stepping up and saying “I Do?” Is Lux going to find herself caught in the middle? And most importantly of all, is Baze’s clunker covered by State Farm? These are just a few of the questions we hope to find answers to come next season. And let’s face it CW…

You owe us.
EVERWOOD, VERONICA MARS, GROSSE POINTE, JACK & BOBBY and PRIVILEGED. Memo to Dawn Ostroff, we have a memory like an elephant! Honestly, we never forget. So how about throwing us a bone for once and not canceling our favorite show your network currently has to offer. Please!

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  • John

    Well, we know the clunker (the truck, not the owner) is covered by State Farm. Owner clunker has their card.


    I totally agree.

  • Nick

    I'm with ya all the way on this one.

    Case in point, I planned my evening around LUX (never missed an episode), and went outside to walk the cat when Gossip Girl came on. I've had all the C/B crap I can take rammed down my throat. LUX, at least, presents real people in real situations we can relate to.

  • petroc

    Totally agree with u…Go Life UneXpected (sorry OTH 7 seasons are good enough)

  • fineapple13

    fantastic reasons…could not agree more!

  • I'll even add:

    “please, pretty please with sugar on top!!!” 😉

    This is definitely their best show after Vampire Diaries! 🙂

  • Emily N.

    Completely agree! If not a full season pickup, then even another shortened season would make sense. That way they can continue to program new episodes as much as possible because The CW's ratings almost always take a hit after their shows have long breaks between new episodes.

  • In complete agreement Emily, at the very least 13 episodes are in order as the CW needs more programming to fill the massive void between December and March. LIFE UNEXPECTED fit the bill perfectly this winter.

  • Renew Life Unexpected CW!!!!!!
    If the CW decides to renew Life Unexpected they do not need to make it a lead-in to Gossip Girl again. They skew entirely different audiences! One is about the dealing with family issues, and the other is about sex and the latest scandal. They need to be smart and pair it with Wyoming project (Another family show by Amy Sherman Palladino), because they could play off each other. Much like 7th Heaven & Everwood did back when The W.B. was still alive.

  • I absolutely LOVE life unexpected! please renew it, CW!

  • Ra

    definitely agree! everwood and veronica mars were the best shows and so is LUX. great writing, acting and such a loveable cast on and off screen. we know that it does ratings better than GG with barely any advertising. why waste money on garbage tv with no substance. i seriously will never watch the CW if either LUX or OTH gets cancelled!

  • Jen

    I want it renewed for a full season. Please!

  • tutorwife93

    Perfectly said!!!!

  • Michael

    I don't remember where I read it, but someone said that Abby's actress REALLY got sick and missed her flight: not a budget issue, but otherwise I completely agree! SAVE LUX!

  • hey

    please CW

  • I am will you on LUX but OTH has been terrible for the past couple of seasons… its just one long music video… music constantly in the background with pointless stories should have never come back after college…

  • Mat

    Hell f'ing no….you want sappy positive crap thats what ABC Family is for…the one show worth anything on that god forsaken channel is Supernatural and that's whats important

    not some sappy crap about two chuckleheads who take over a decade to assume responsibility for their offspring

  • b1

    Keep Life Unexpected OTH is not the same without Lucus or Peyton they reunied it after season 6 so deftinley keep Life Unexpected it the only cw show that I like~!

  • natalie

    its rubbish save oth instead !!!

  • rob mack

    I love this show; if ever a show should be give a great timeslot…this is it. Too many good shows or popular shows get put on at the same time; then you have Wednesday & Saturday with nothing. Smarten up; maybe there's room for this show on lifetime or the family channel.. too good a show to just get rid of.

  • rob mack

    This is one of the best shows on tv right now; to cancel it would be absolutely crazy. It should be give an A list timeslot. The problem is with all new shows, too many good shows are all on the same nights at the same times. Then we have Wednes. & Sat. with nothing. If the CW doesn't want it, maybe it can go to lifetime or family channel. Just don't get rid of it.

  • Jose Luis

    Hi, I live in Spain and I found out Life Unexpected just by chance, but from the very first chapter I couldnt wait to watch the next one, and the next one and….I am not english spoken but I dont care to watch it in english I just want CW to make anither season, they cant let us just in the way that the 13th chapter did, I like the plot and the actors so please dont push us away from this great and lovely shows…a fan from Spain

  • 5 stars to this article …anything decent and good gets canceled. I love this show. And I still miss Veronica Mars and Privileged.