Watch, PVR, Pass: Tuesday April 13, 2010

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  • irishjoe

    I soooooo hope that this is only the “season” finale of Melrose… but I guess it's done 🙁

    I would also bet that Glee will score it's highest ever ratings tonight!

  • DB

    Um, I'm pretty sure tonight's Glee is only 1 hour long (1:02 to be exact from 9:28~10:30) so the graphic orange bar is misleading.
    But I'm watching Lost, it's the final season after all, and this is the one to watch live before being spoiled by blogs. Also sticking with V. Will DVR Melrose Place even though haven't been watching since it's been back, just wanna check out how they wrap up in the series finale.
    Tuesday night is way too crowded.

  • DB,
    Thanks for the heads up on my error!

    what's your prediction for GLEE, My guess is 13-15 million viewers.

  • irishjoe

    I would go with the top end of your prediction, if not even a little higher, 14-16 million…

  • ToddWinNC

    I already had my DVR set for Lost, V, and Parenthood, so I'll have to catch up on Glee online sometime. Hopefully, Glee coming on at 9:30 won't be a weekly thing.

    I just found out that Syfy will be moving all their Friday shows to Tuesday, I think in October. Why is it everything good has to come on Tuesday?