TV Ratings: Tuesday April 13, 2010 (GLEE Doesn’t Rain on AMERICAN IDOL’s Parade)

Source: MediaWeek, Viewers: in millions
Time Network Show Viewers 18-49
8PM FOX American Idol 17.75 6.3/19
ABC Dancing with the Stars 12.70 2.5/8
CBS NCIS (R) 10.34 1.8/6
NBC Biggest Loser: Couples 7.13 2.7/9
CW 90210 1.54 0.7/2
9PM FOX American Idol 22.56 7.9/20
CBS NCIS: Los Angeles (R) 10.17 1.8/5
ABC Lost 9.58 3.8/10
NBC Biggest Loser: Couples 8.69 3.5/9
CW Melrose Place 1.02 0.5/1
9:30PM FOX Glee 14.44 5.9/15
10PM FOX Glee 12.82 5.4/14
CBS The Good Wife (R) 8.06 1.4/4
NBC Parenthood 6.48 2.6/7
ABC V 6.23 2.5/7

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  • cam3150

    Wow, I can FINALLY access the comments 🙂 I haven't been able to get the new format to load since it was introduced.

    Crazy that even CBS reruns are doing so much better than most new shows.

    I also think we can officially say that Melrose Place won't be back. Though it's been pretty good since the break. It's a shame more people didn't stick with it.

  • grumpiestoldman

    Again Biggest Loser almost beats Lost. How about putting some of the BL cast on EW cover instead of all the Lost covers?

  • Nick

    Dear CW:
    You're trying to reach a young female audience, primarily, right? And yet you've never attempted any sort of music-themed series, such as Glee. Do you notice the ratings for Glee? They are 1,300% higher than the show you poured all of your time and energy into. 1,300%. Do you think you need some new folks making the programming decisions?

    Just askin'.

  • cam3150,

    Sorry to hear you are having issue with the new comment system. I wasn't aware there was a problem!

  • Ace

    Oh man, Nick. Don't encourage them to make a bad Glee ripoff!