Advertising Anarchy: Now Will You Watch COUGAR TOWN?

After yet another Wednesday of inexplicably low ratings, we’ve decided that rather than continue to sit idly by and wonder why more people aren’t tuning into COUGAR TOWN — which we should mention has quietly evolved into one of the funniest, most unpredictable and surprisingly heart-warming comedies of the season — we would do something about it. Cue our latest instalment of Advertising Anarchy (Also known as our slightly tongue-in-cheek take on how networks might wish to consider promoting some of our favorite new and returning shows) as we offer ABC some unsolicited advice on how they might wish to promote the show-formerly known as COUGAR TOWN next season! (And no, when it comes to keeping our favorite shows on the air, we do in fact not see a problem with complete and utter false advertising!)

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  • joshemerson

    I hope they can do something. The show is really good! There's no reason it should be losing so much of the Modern Family audience. They need to re-brand it as the family comedy that it already is.

  • gb12

    I don't understand why they don't run new episodes of Modern Family at 8 ET with new Cougar Town at 8:30 ET and The Middle at 9. They could then let a Modern Family rerun play at 9:30. Based on what their ratings are while going against American Idol, it seem likely new episodes of Modern Family and Cougar Town would win the 8 ET hour. It just seems idiotic to put up re-runs when the competition is down and the new episodes against the AI dynasty.

  • Abby

    Still wouldn't watch it. It's the sleaziness of it; sex jokes nonstop. Some of that's ok but not a whole show. I haven't watched it so maybe it's not as bad as I think. But it comes across that way in ads and media so others might be like me and avoiding it for that reason. Love and support The Middle and Modern Family though! 🙂

  • snosamie6

    I love it! It is a great follow up to Modern Family. More people should be watching BOTH shows!

  • Rémy

    the thing that made me stop watching that show is… Busy Philipps, the blonde one. i can't withstand her acting >_<

    i wonder if i'm the only bothered by her

  • Ace

    Wait, you haven't watched it but you are calling it sleazy? Let's not get crazy. It isn't as family friendly as The Middle or Modern Family, but it's not like it is Two and a Half Men or Entourage.

    I really really disliked the first few episodes, but my love of Courtney Cox made me keep watching. Once they kind of abandoned the “cougar” concept and made it more like a quirky family I started to really like it.

  • I've watched the first four episodes, and it's honestly not my couple of tea. I do love Modern Family though!

  • crystalinad

    I think it has gotten alot better and the chemistry with the characters is awesome. Seriously, sometimes casts such at pretending that they like each other, but not Cougar Town.

  • Abby

    My perception came from commercials and media blurbs I'd read. I admit I shouldn't judge a show before watching (but I just have no interest in doing that). But my main point is that the perception people have of the show may be hurting it; others may have avoided it because of it.

  • Meg

    God, man!
    you have no idea how this post makes me happy! thanks for doing this! I adore this show! getting better by the week and it should be told & seen!

  • irenepax

    I really hope the title can make a difference, because the show turned into something more than a “cougar” show. The ensemble is great, the characters are growing up together. And it's so fun! The plot gets more & more intersting every week!
    The show deserves better…and Courteney deserves an Emmy nomination! 🙂

  • Meg

    I was at the panel for Paleyfest and they are the nicest bunch! they all love each other and go on wine dates dinner together at least once a week after shooting.
    a blast to watch them!