Although we’re hesitant to speak ill of the dead, we’d be lying if we came out this morning and flat-out gushed about last night’s UGLY BETTY series finale. Sure, the episode had its highlights, with notable shout-outs going to the way in which Betty and Daniel’s future in London was left up to interpretation and as always, anything that comes out of of the mouth of Willy (“I never thought I’d say this, but you’ve got big balls, Betty Suarez.”) That said, we couldn’t help but feel that in the end, the finale, to borrow a line from Amanda, came off like a bit of a hot mess. Be it a result of the recent string of phenomenal episodes capped off by last week’s beautiful wedding, or the obvious lack of time Silvio Horta and Co. were given by ABC to wrap up half-a-dozen story lines mid-season, Betty’s bon voyage — in an effort to give each and every character their own happily-ever-after — ended up far more convoluted and rushed than one would have liked. So much so that our fingers will remain crossed that the creative team will be given the opportunity to rectify the situation when it comes to the inevitable big screen reunion. Or as Amanda might once again put it: Rumor started here, bitches!

In between Phil’s hilariously awkward one-liners (“I’m gonna introduce him to the Captain… and Tenille”) and Cam’s equally awkward party conversation (“Business partners, mergers and acquisitions. Just kidding, we’re gay!”) there was only one downside to last night’s hilarious MODERN FAMILY. Echoing the sentiments of the [almost] always spot on @hitfixdaniel, I will never be able to afford a beachfront property like special guest star’s Justin Kirks, which next to the Greystone’s (CAPRICA) stunning mansion that comes equipped with walls that turn into an enormous television — now ranks, alongside the Cohen’s infinity pool palace on THE OC, right up there as one of our favorite homes on the small screen.

Continuing along the theme of cash-strapped comes one of our favorite fictional families, the Hecks. On last night’s episode of THE MIDDLE, Frankie and Mike had to decide between cutting the cable and keeping the power on. Now, putting aside the obvious fact that there is nothing ever funny about even considering cutting the cable, one thing continues to bug us about this show: Namely, Frankie’s seemingly endless promotion of fellow ABC shows. Seriously. Not an episode goes by without Frankie mentioning a recent instalment of DANCING WITH THE STARS she just watched, or in the case of last night’s episode both THE BACHELOR and CONVEYOR BELT OF LOVE. Perhaps if Frankie got paid for her shilling, her family’s financial problems would be solved! We’re just sayin’

  • crystalinad

    Why couldn't Betty just get a 2 hour finale. It would have been SOOO much better. 🙁

  • joshemerson

    I'm with you on Betty. My only problem was that it felt like they didn't have enough time to finish everything up. It was rushed! A two-hour finale would've been amazing. But I guess it's not that terrible if a show leaves you wanting more. America Ferrera already said she hopes they'll do a reunion movie, so that would be great! Of course, we're still waiting for the Veronica Mars movie, so we see how often that actually happens.

    I know the show was uneven and had some weak spots in Seasons 2 and 3, but I'm still really going to miss it. I think a lot of the time I underrated how much I enjoyed it. It was just a good show to watch. And it sort of had a comfort level to it, if that makes any sense. Part of that is probably thanks to Betty's family, who is one of the best TV families there has been.

  • Ace

    Agreed. The finale was still good, but it would have been better if they had a little longer to fit all of the goodbyes in.