First Look: FRINGE The Musical

Start spreading the news! No doubt hoping a little bit of GLEE’s ratings magic will rub off on them, FRINGE is going Gleek! On Thursday April 29 to be exact, Walter will weave a mysterious and musical tale for [Olivia’s niece] Ella in an episode entitled “Brown Betty.” More first look photos of which, including Agent Broyles and Nina Sharp as you’ve never seen them before, can be found after the jump.

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  • Rémy

    wow, can't wait to see it now!
    i somehow never expected to get a musical episode in that show! (especially since it's “only” the 2nd season)

  • Ace

    I was worried when Fox announced the music week, but it sounds like the Fringe folks have really figured out a way to fit it into the story w/out it seeming ridiculous.