Review: GLEE on the iPhone

Combining two of our favorite addictions, has begun periodically turning off the TV in order to review TV-related iPhone Apps.

Are you itching to share your shower rendition of “Somebody to Love” with fellow GLEEKS from around the world? Think the only thing New Directions is missing on their road to sectionals is you? Well, thanks to GLEE’s first official iPhone/iPad app, now is your chance to prove it.

What Works: Beautifully designed by the geniuses behind Magic Piano and I Am T-Pain, the official GLEE App gives anyone with an iPhone, iPod Touch and/or iPad the opportunity to sing along with the cast of GLEE. Complete with lyrics, professionally mastered tracks from the show and a design so simple fellow Glee-clubber Brittany could figure out what to do, you too will be sounding like Cory Monteith mere moments after downloading. Especially thanks to the magical auto-tune technology that perfects your pitch and enhances your voice as you sing.

Oh, and the coolness factor doesn’t stop there. In addition to the ability to record and share yours song with your friends via facebook, myspace and twitter, the App allows you to listen in on fellow Gleeks from around the world as they butcher perform songs from the show. With added functionality that enables one to find friends and add your own vocals to their song creating a virtual Glee club of sorts.

What doesn’t: Aside from the fact that listening to our own voice back through our earphones left us with the distinct impression that we’re not quite ready for our AMERICAN IDOL audition just yet, we can’t help but feel cheated by the cost structure associated with this App. While we certainly don’t begrudge $2.99 for an App of this quality, it only comes with 3 songs: “Rehab”, “Somebody to Love”, and “You Keep Me Hanging On.” Additional songs such as “Can’t Fight This Feeling”, “Imagine”, “I’ll Stand By You”, “Lean On Me”, and “No Air” (with additional songs promised to be added soon) are each available at a cost of .99 cents per song. A cost which normally wouldn’t be so irksome, until one realizes that we’re being asked to re-purchase songs that we’ve already shelled out our hard-earned money for to legally purchase on iTunes.

Bottom Line: From both a design and functionality standpoint, GLEE for iPhone hits all the right notes. Unfortunately, there is a bit of a sour one left by the additional costs associated with it.

GLEE is available on iTunes for $2.99

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