Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Programs We Feel Incredibly Guilty About Not Watching!

From Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks comes a historically accurate, spectacularly shot and gut-wrenchingly horrific look at the sacrifices the greatest generation made so that we now have the freedom to sit comfortably on our couch and watch time slot competitor DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES in our boxers. We are so sorry.

Having originally been turned off by the show’s comedically dark conceit that saw high school chemistry teacher Walt White descend into a life of crime after finding himself on the wrong end of a cancer diagnosis, rest assured, it’s us who now feel bad as — three seasons and one Best Actor Emmy for Bryan Cranston later — we have yet to jump on board with this critically acclaimed series.

And not just because we’re tired of seeing people’s exasperated expression of disbelief when we fess up to still not having caught up with THE WIRE. See, you’re doing it right now!

Another critically acclaimed pay cabler gem that we know we should be watching — yet aren’t — having recently overdosed on television shows featuring strong female protagonists whose personal lives aren’t nearly as well organized as their professional ones. Thank-you-very-much TNT, Showtime and FX.

Are we embarrassed that we fall into the clichéd demographic of 18-34 year-olds who get the majority of their news from the likes of Comedy Central’s THE DAILY SHOW and THE COLBERT REPORT? We wouldn’t have to be if Katie Couric would — to borrow a line from Homer Simpson — be more funny!

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  • Same here. Except for Breaking Bad. Which is very awesome.

  • Dave

    I shake my head at you! The Pacific I can see war isn't everyones cup of tea, Treme just started and if you havent seen the wire(insane!!!!) you may not have been looking forward to it as much. But Breaking Bad?? Really? That really is a great show.

  • btvjohnk

    I'll watch the Pacific when the miniseries is done so I can watch it all at once. While I do watch Treme, Breaking Bad and Nurse Jackie, none of them are sd super-outstanding that you HAVE to watch them. However, not to prove your point, but The Wire is worth it, and anyone who calls Treme must-see TV is just giving David Simon a free pass because The Wire was genius.

    And don't be ashamed of getting your news from Stewart and Colbert. If not for them, I wouldn't know that a Supreme Court Justice is retiring (seriously, I hadn't heard the news until I saw it on The Daily Show).

  • Matt

    Correction: Bryan Cranston won two back-to-back Emmy's for Breaking Bad! And you still won't watch it? What's wrong with you!

  • joshemerson

    I've always heard Breaking Bad is good but I've never watched it. I think the main show I feel “guilty” about not watching is Mad Men.

  • Ace

    Treme actually might be better if you haven't seen The Wire. It isn't Treme's fault, but it has a LOT to live up to. The Wire is amazing and I was expecting the same “smack you in the face awesomeness” for Treme. And, honestly, the pilot was kind of boring (might have been its length). Not that I am writing the show off at all (quite the opposite), but I think you would like it more if you weren't comparing it to The Wire in your head.

  • Abby

    May be a great show but it seems like it would be pretty bleak and depressing. So not for everyone.

  • kevin

    i have the pacific on my dvr and plan to watch it sometime soon. i just started watching nurse jackie on dvd and am about halfway through season 1. and i added breaking bad on netflix a few weeks ago.

    never heard of treme though. is that the one about new orleans?

  • No no, even the stuff that's supposed to be depressing is converted to dark humor. Like it doesn't ever get you 'down' or anything.

  • noahcreed

    The only show that is as good as The Wire, is Breaking Bad. What an amazing show. Every character has depth and substance. When Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston share the screen, it is magical.
    Come on, watch just the pilot. If you don't like it then don't watch, but my guess, you'll be hooked.