TV Ratings: Thursday April 15, 2010 (Fox’s Confidence in FRINGE Continues to Pay Off)

Source: MediaWeek, Viewers: in millions
Time Network Show Viewers 18-49
8PM CBS Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains 12.13 3.7/12
FOX Bones 9.74 2.8/9
ABC FlashForward 4.99 1.4/5
NBC The Office (R) 3.77 1.4/5
CW The Vampire Diaries 2.99 1.5/5
8:30PM NBC The Office (R) 3.78 1.7/5
9PM CBS CSI 13.04 3.1/9
FOX Fringe 6.67 2.5/7
NBC Saturday Night Live in the 2000’s 6.53 2.7/8
ABC Grey’s Anatomy (R) 4.65 1.4/4
CW Supernatural 2.44 1.2/4
10PM CBS The Mentalist (R) 11.49 2.5/7
NBC Saturday Night Live in the 2000’s 6.86 3.0/9
ABC Private Practice (R) 3.72 1.2/3

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  • Once upon a time, ABC thought FlashForward would be the new Lost.


  • Nick

    Vampire Diaries was not a repeat.

    Too bad more didn't watch; David Anders debuted and seems to know more about the town's vamp history than anyone we've seen.

  • Thanks for the heads up Nick, and yes it was a fantastic episode. How David Anders doesn't have a show of his own still boggles the mind.

  • Abby

    Agree! The show is on fire right now 🙂

  • Dee Crawford

    I never miss Fringe and think the show is awesome. Last night's show with Peter Weller was great. The whole cast is believable, and one of the things I love about Fringe as opposed to most of the procedural cop shows, is the human interaction between the cast members. You get the impression that they really care about each other like family and manage to evoke strong emotions while staying true to the sci-fi genre. The interaction between the characters is also my favorite part of Bones. I'm so glad that both shows are doing well and they do have their work cut out for them on Thursday night , up against the powerhouse that CBS has created. The original CSI has always been my favorite of the three CSIs, but I hope more people discover Bones and Fringe.

  • Amolia

    Vampire Diaries went down 🙁 Aw!

  • SURVIVOR is still KING!

  • johnbb4

    The thing about Fringe is, there are some great episodes (Season 1 finale, Peter, Momentum Deferred, White Tulip) but then most of them aren't really worth sitting through, for me.

    So, I dumped it for Supernatural but if I think it'll be a good one I watch it online.

    Couldn't ever get into Flashforward, although I love Lost.