Saturday Silliness

Imagine for a moment we’re your mother (Bet’cha didn’t see that coming, did ya?!) Now imagine you’re back in high school and your grades have been slipping due to the fact that you seem to care more about the chemistry between Booth and Brennan than well, actual chemistry. As your older, wiser and slightly-better-looking parental figure, it unfortunately falls to us to ensure your next report card is more “Lisa” then “Bart.” Which is why we’re here to present you with a somewhat terrifying ultimatum: From here on in we’re cutting your television viewing to one, count ’em, one night per week! Which night would you choose?

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  • BJ

    Until the end of this tv season, Tuesdays. Lost and Glee. End of story.

  • mjk

    thursday night of course…i cant go an entire week without my doses of Bones and Supernatural

  • Brynhildur

    Thursday: Bones, Supernatural, Vampire Diaries (and Survivor).

  • Come on, don't make me choose between Monday and Thursday.
    I can give up Lost (V hasn't taken off for me).

    24, Chuck, House, Big Bang Theory…etc vs. Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, The Office, 30 Rock..etc

  • Sourabh,

    It's a tough question isn't it!

    After-all, Tuesday has come on strong this season thanks to the likes of GLEE, PARENTHOOD (my new favorite show), V, GLEE, and 90210. Oh and you seriously prepared to not find out how LOST ends?

    And then of course there's Sunday which is a wild card of surprises thanks cablers like HBO, AMC and Lifetime.

  • joshemerson

    I'd have to choose Monday. Chuck, How I Met Your Mother, and The Big Bang Theory are some of my favorite shows.

    But a case could be made for Tuesday (Lost and V!), Wednesday (ABC comedy night!) and Thursday (NBC comedy night!) This is way too difficult. lol

  • Caitlyn

    That would be mine, too. Glee and Parenthood. Although, I'm not sure if I could bring myself to miss Big Bang Theory (Castle, I love, but I could give it up for a few weeks) and Modern Family. Maybe it's just because I'm never home on Thurs. nights to get involved in those shows but there's nothing on that I watch on Thursday nights.

  • Hil

    Tuesday. LOST and V.

  • kyool

    I'd have to go with Tuesday due to Lost, and hope for reruns of some of the cable shows as the rest of tuesday is pretty slim.

  • Among the Tuesday shows, Lost is the only one I'm seriously invested in, V is slowly coming up, And I haven't watched Glee or 90210 from their 10th episodes this season.

    I know at this point almost nobody else is, but I still am a huge fan of 24 (Last week I started watching 24 again – halfway through season 3 already). 24 along with Chuck, House, Castle, Big Bang Theory (and HIMYM, LUX, and Gossip Girl, which I normally watch later in the week) together, for me, is stronger than Lost.

    Same can be said for Thursday though, with Supernatural(which I love), Vampire Diaries, The Office, Community, 30 Rock, Parks, Burn Notice, and even Flashforward (at par with V for me).

    The other days have only 2 or 3 shows that I watch.
    So Monday/Thursday for me…

    And Human Target is pretty good, but I've gotten it on different days so I don't really know where to place it. Does it air earlier in Canada or something?

  • Annie

    tuesday for glee, lost and parenthood. but man i would lose cougar town 🙁

  • Gurtegh

    OMG this is hard!!!

    probably Tuesdays because of 90210, Melrose Place [favourite show this year …. better be renewed (yn)]and Glee and Parenthood!!!!

  • asap13

    Saturday because I would watch them all online!

  • Nick

    Thursday has quantity, but as other have said, TUESDAY has LOST…and until it's over, I'd give up every other show on TV.

  • melisaurus

    I would just wait till the weekend and watch my shows online 😀

    but really i can't give up lost, so it would be tuesday.

  • Stephanie

    This year, it would have to be Tuesday. Glee is just awesome, and one of my biggest fears is getting hit by a bus before I find out what the island is.

  • Kelly

    That is a tough decision indeed, but I am going to have to say Thursday (and my DVR agrees)…Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Fringe, Bones, Grey's Anatomy, and Survivor…yeah, Thursday indeed.

  • crystalinad

    I would have to say Thursday. I love my Community, Parks and Recreation, The Office (some times) and 30 Rock. There are lots of other nights I enjoy but not as fluently as Thursday (when they don't play reruns). If I have to I will choose comedy every time!

  • nikkiholly


  • knday

    Thursday for sure I kinda have to watch Bones live. Since you “my mother” has limited me to one day I supose I'll be up late watching everything else online.

  • lipslikeasukal

    Amen, brotha.

    (See what I did there? 'Cause I was saying it like Desmond. What? It's not funny if I have to explain it? Nevermind.)

  • lipslikeasukal

    +100 points for Community love.

  • Stephanie

    As hard as it would be to miss Chuck, Glee, and Psych, I would choose Thursday for Bones and Supernatural (I need my weekly dose of the Winchester brothers). But I would just watch Chuck, Glee, and Psych online! 😀

  • sanen85

    I don't know, I'd probably give up my parents first before having to make the decision between Tuesday (Lost, V, Glee, Parenthood, 90210) and Thursday (Community, Parks&Rec, Office, 30 Rock, Grey's, PP, Flash Forward). I'd also have to think about Wednesday pretty hard (Modern Family, Cougar Town).

    Crap, I watch waaay to much TV. Thank goodness that Dollhouse and Ugly Betty are gone, I'd never have a chance choosing between all this.

  • Did you just say “thank goodness that DOLLHOUSE and UGLY BETTY are gone” ? Take it back!

  • SaneN85

    All good things must come to an end, and I'm already having trouble clearing my DVR, even if I'm always multi-tasking while watching. At least they got to have some sort of ending (unlike T:SCC) The soaps I watch automatically take up 15 hours of TV in the week even if I FF through each in less than 20 min. I had the nerve to just catch up on Mad Men and ordered the first disc of Breaking Bad now as well.

    There is just too much to watch and I stay loyal to the end, so unless there's a finale, I just will continue to watch (looking at you, Heroes).

  • Liz

    I was going to say tuesday (Glee, Parenthood, V, NCIS, Good Wife)
    But then I realized Thursday would include the morning where I can get Chuck on Space 🙂 so I would have Chuck, Vamp D, Greys, Mentalist and PP.

    Still a tough call. How can choose between Glee and Chuck. Argh

  • makila

    Monday, I need my house fix, big bang theory and now Nurse Jackie.