Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Reasons why we regret staying up for last night’s SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE

Tina Fey
After last week’s welcome return to the studio that made her a household name, Tina Fey did not buck tradition and surprise us with a first-ever command performance.

Ryan Phillippe
And while truth-be-told, we’ve always had a soft spot for the actor thanks to his work in such guilty pleasures as Cruel Intentions and Antitrust, the actor simply didn’t bring with him that special something that inspires writers and cast members to raise their game (see: Taylor Swift, Neil Patrick Harris, John Hamm etc.) Which unfortunately meant we were in for a long night of…

Kristin Wiig
Target Lady, Bjork and an unfunny female weightlifter courtesy of the almost-always overused Kristin Wiig. Who after taking a backseat last week to Tina Fey, was, as predicted, back… with a vengeance.

Having only recently discovered the All-American Rejects thanks to their recent cover on GLEE, we’re the first to admit that our musical tastes may not exactly be, “with it.” That said, somebody is going to have to explain how Ke$ha stealing Rafiki’s getup from The Lion King warrants a guest appearance on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE?

Bad Timing
And finally, through no fault of its own, virtually any instalment of of the late night institution will come of looking as painfully unfunny in comparison to Thursday’s surprisingly funny SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE: TIME AND AGAIN special that whittled down a decade of sketches into two hours of comedic highlights featuring the likes of Ferrell, Fey, Fallon et al.

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  • kyool

    I actually thought this was somewhat better than many previous episodes. Kristin Wiig is pretty much the only good person they have left–love the Terget lady–if they lose her, I don't know if they could keep the little comedy they have left. The ESPN classic is also usually funny (at least the ads part). Things I could have done without: “What Up With That” (even in small doses it's not funny, it's never been funny) and the laugh-less lawyer to the celebrities (or was he an accountant?). I never watch the musical performances so it doesn't matter to me who they have–but this lady looked like a freaky Lady Gaga wannabe.

  • joshemerson

    I haven't seen the episode yet, but I always like the Target Lady sketches.

    Ke$ha is really terrible though. She's worse than Justin Bieber and that's saying something.

  • Nick

    I never understand people dissing Kristin Wiig. To me, she's the funniest regular on the show. Pretty hot, too.

  • lipslikeasukal

    +10 points for making a Lion King reference.

    +1000 points for making it about Rafiki.

  • lipslikeasukal

    You hit it on the head: Ke$ha is a poor man's Lady Gaga.

  • But as one blogger said, what did the poor man do to us?

  • IceStrike

    I actually really liked this episode. Top 3 of the season in my Opinion. Love the “What's up with that” guy. Love the Grandpa kicking down the door. Even liked the opening. Giggles are a main export of Iceland after all.