Must Read TV: Soaps, Sitcoms, Stelter & More!

• Get LOST! With this very cool final cast photo.
• Soaps in Death, the NYPost takes a closer look at daytime’s most endangered species.
• From the department of least surprising news ever, GLEE named best comedy series at the 21st GLAAD media awards.
• Modern Family Sitcoms: The NY Times Brian Stelter gets to the bottom of the The world’s luckiest father-in law.

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  • SaneN85

    I wanted to leave a comment on the article about Daytime Soaps, but I didn't want to register there. So, I'll write it here. Out of all the great actors that have started out on soaps and became household names, they went with Kelly Ripa (who is known for hosting a TV show not acting) and Vanessa Marcil (who was on a show that a lot of people didn't watch). I love both ladies (the character Brenda was always a favorite of mine), but there were so many better options. They all didn't become oscar winners, but most have more credits to their name or more clout as actors (Demi Moore, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Meg Ryan). This article was just… lacking.

  • SaneN85

    Didn't I used to be able to post a comment here with no problem at all? I don't like this new commenting protocol.