Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Things You Didn’t Know About GLEE Star Chris Colfer

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He has never been to Europe.
“As soon as we’re done shooting we go straight to working on the tour so we don’t really have much of a hiatus. But if we do get a hiatus, it will probably be about a month and I’m actually hoping to take the time of and go to Europe,” said Chris Colfer on a recent call with when asked how he’d be spending his hiatus. “I’ve been wanting to go to Europe since I was probably two and a half and learned that’s where all the castles were. Plus, if I do it for the show, I could have someone else pay for the trip, which would be great!”

His dream guest star is…
“Julie Andrews would be my dream guest star. Anyone that is basically a living legend, I’d love to have on the show so I could be a sponge and suck up all of their knowledge” revealed Colfer, who also singled out a certain popular actress as his favorite guest star thus far. “Kristin Chenoweth was probably my favorite guest star just because I was such a huge fan of her and everything that she did with Wicked I cannot express just how much of a sweet person she is. She’s just as nice as she is talented.”

Which is why his favorite musical is not a surprise.
“Oh gosh, I think I have to say Wicked just because it’s the first show I ever saw and really had an emotional connection to the music.”

He’s not worried about these back nine episodes living up to the hype.
“I have absolutely no fear whatsoever because the next episodes are above and beyond anything we did in the first thirteen,” said a very confident Colfer on whether or not he’s feeling any added pressure after months and months of gleeful anticipation on the part of the fans. “The ratings will speak for themselves, but I think as far as the material, it just gets better and better.”

He is a history buff.
“Every other weekend from now on is just going to be terrible compared to it. Who meets Oprah on Saturday and the President of the United States on Sunday? It just doesn’t happen,” said Colfer of his recent weekend in Chicago and Washington D.C. “I took A.P. European and American History in high school and am a huge history buff. So to be there [The White House], touching the same ground and breathing the same air as so many historical figures have… I can’t describe it in words, it was incredible. Amber [Riley] sang the national anthem on the balcony of the White House right before the opening ceremony and all of us [the cast] were breaking down and crying seeing one of our best friends singing for the president. It was amazing.”

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