Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Issues with Last Night’s LOST

It was all a setup
While last night’s episode certainly had its moments, with honorary mentions going to a Sun/Jin reunion almost two years in the making and Sawyer’s observation that Lapidus looked as though he had just stepped out of a Burt Reynolds movie, we couldn’t help but feel underwhelmed by what really amounted to nothing more than a setup for the closing arc of the season. Something that wouldn’t normally bother us except for the fact that we’re talking about the final episodes ever, and quite frankly, we expected more.

Fake Locke
Our issue with Fake Locke (or as we’ll be referring to him for the rest of this post as “Flocke”) are twofold. One, does it not strike anyone else as mighty convenient that thanks to the revelation that Jack’s Dad Christian Shephard was nothing more than Smokey in disguise, LOSTerminds Lindlof and Cuse now have a go-to answer for many of the show’s potential lingering questions! And two, let’s just get something straight: Flocke can transform into a puff of black smoke and wipe out the inhabitants of an Ancient Temple in mere minutes, yet he sends Sayid to do his dirty work? Seriously. Which brings us to…

Does it bother anyone else that after investing five seasons into Sayid, Claire, Locke et al, season six has left us rooting for Zombie Sayid, Crazy Claire and not-exactly-there-Locke… All of whom are in essence, are nothing more than mere vessels for characters we once knew and love and pawns for Jacob and the Man in Black to toy with.

If the magic of sound mixing can turn make GLEE’s Corey Monteith sound like Jonathan Groff, surely the geniuses behind LOST could have tweaked David Shephard’s voice (Actor Dylan Minnette), which seemed to have dropped three octaves from when we last saw him courtesy of the most unfortunately timed growth spurt EVER.

Did you know that next week’s episode of LOST is a (gasp!) repeat, because we certainly didn’t.

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  • Dex_Morg

    I knew it was a rerun…they announced it last week through multiple sources.

  • mohammad

    also, if smokey was christian shepherd and he can't leave the island what about the scenes we saw with him on the freighter and off the island in season 4?

  • ss

    this is why tv addict sucks

  • TVFan

    I enjoyed the episode, and not ashamed to admit I teared up over Sun/Jin. That said, point #3 is fair. It is really weird watching all of these characters that we've spent the better part of six years watching not really exist anymore. RIP Original John Locke.

  • brent

    I think you can sleep easy at night knowing that sideways John Locke will still have a critical role to play in the endgame. As will everyone else in the sideways. What should keep you awake is that a lot of death is coming in the final five hours.

  • theTodd

    I don't think Flocke can kill a candidate for whatever reason. That's why he must enlist Sayid's help.

  • gfe

    David's voice was that low in the other episode. Time for a rewatch!