We GLEE-cap last night’s “Power of Madonna” High’s and Low’s

Better late than never comes a few high and low notes from last night’s love letter to the power of Madonna, which on the off chance you missed the last few minutes of thanks to AMERICAN IDOL’s unfortunate albeit highly predictably overrun, will repeat this Friday at 9PM on FOX.

High Note: Jam packed with 9 highly choreographed musical numbers, last night’s Madonna-thon succeeded in doing the one thing television so rarely managed to do these days: Live up to the hype.

Low Note: Jam packed with 9 highly choreographed musical numbers, last night’s Madonna-thon continues to shine the spotlight on the most troubling aspect of this series to date. That of the show’s penchant for trading in genuine plot and character development for iTunes sales.

High Note: Rachel and Jesse St. James’ make-out music of choice was the score from A Chorus Line.

Low Note: The fact that we know that.

High Note: Mercedes is black, Kurt’s gay, and together they make culture, as well as the night’s…

Low Note: Which was a flawless reproduction of Madonna’s iconic “Vogue” video starring everybody’s favorite cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester. A video that while certainly fun to watch, served no real purpose in terms of story and/or character development outside of giving Fox an unparalleled tool with which to promote the show.

High Note: Conversely, the wonderfully shot “Like a Virgin” number which saw Rachel, Finn and Emma grappling with the decision over whether to lose their virginity to their respective partners (Jesse, Santana and Will) was the perfect marriage of song and story.

Low Note: Finn lost his virginity to Santana in a cheap motel. Ewwwwwww.

High Note: Jonathan Groff’s Jesse St. James is now officially a member of New Directions.

Low Note: Idina Menzel where art thou?

High Note: Thanks to one-liners that never cease to entertain (“When I pulled my hamstring, I went to a misogynist.”) Brittany has officially overtaken Sue as the queen of the quote.

Low Note: Particularly because we’re tiring of Sue’s shots at Mr. Shue’s hair (“I thought I smelled cookies from the tears of elves weeping that live in your hair.”) Seriously. We get it, he has beautiful hair. Move on.

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  • Laura

    I think the quote was “I thought I smelled cookies wafting from the ovens of the little elves who live in your hair.”) but, yeah, point taken. Enough with the hair jokes already.

  • cam3150

    Frankly, I'm over Sue Sylvester as a whole. Her whole “I hate the Glee Club and will do anything to destroy it” storyline, for me, was over at the end of the break with Sectionals. Seriously, they can't possibly milk this aspect beyond this season, can they? If so, it will get old, and very, very fast. The character was mildly entertaining at first but now is someone I am thisclose to fast forwarding through