FRINGE Shocker! Why Lance Reddick Calls May’s Season Finale “Crazy”

Worried that this upcoming second season finale of FRINGE can’t possibly top last May’s Oh-no-they-didn’t just reveal that Olivia and William Bell were perched atop a very-much-still-intact World Trade Center in the alternate universe jaw dropper? Don’t be.

“It blew my mind when I read it,” revealed Lance Reddick of this May’s upcoming two-part season ender during a conversation with the TV Addict on a recent visit to the set of FRINGE. “On the second-to-last page I was shocked and when I got to the last page, I was floored! I was like, ‘No… to the point where I was like please no, please no, don’t you have that be it'”

Of course, the big question remaining is what exactly “it” is. Not surprisingly, the actor behind Agent Phillip Broyles, who let’s face it, has learned a thing-or-two about keeping quiet thanks to a short, albeit highly scrutinized stint on LOST as the mysterious Matthew Abaddon, wasn’t quite willing to elaborate (“In order to explain what “it” is I’d have to tell you what “it” is… sorry.”) Except to cryptically reveal that, “It’s going to be more crazy [than last season] because of how attached…. it has more to do with character.”

Unfortuantely, ‘character’ can mean a lot of things. And while we’re not quite sure whether or not Reddick is referring to an unexpected character addition that would certainly add fuel to the fire that are the rumors of yet another alternate universe, or Michael Ausiello’s claim that the finale will bring with it a shocking character death, of this we are sure: By the time the credits roll, FRINGE fans will already be counting down the days its return.

  • Nick

    Am I the only one still confused as to Reddick's arc on LOST?

  • Nick no you aren't and funnily enough Reddick actually addressed his character's arc on LOST, stay tuned for that next week.

  • CDG63

    nothing about alt-universes in Asiello's list! lol since we know the battle between Walter and Bell takes place over there, I bet Bell dies….but I have no idea what 'it' is. Maybe it's not just one universe, but a whole lot of universes that are about to collide….please don't let on of the main characters die! I am sure Fringe will deliver, they haven't failed yet…wish more people would watch this show this year! It's so good.

  • Rich I think you have something, I think it was Walter that they brought over, or were trying to bring over the bridge last week. I’m positive that’s who it was.

  • Mags

    I completely agree with you!!! I think it’s gonna be Walter vs Walternate!

  • kclovesbirds

    Walter is a HOOT!! But so smart, must be all the drugs!

  • Rich

    Am I the only one who's thought of this? What if it isn't Walter vs Bell… but Walter vs Walter……. keep in mind, the 'other Walter' lost his son too…

  • Charles

    I think the death is going to be his character becoming a shape shifter or something. Or you find out that he's been one all along.

  • golfspa

    That has been my exact thought since it was reveled that Peter was from the other universe! Walter #2 wants the son that Walter #1 took from him back!

  • Lydian

    well then alter Walter is pretty challenged because our Walter crossed over about 20-30 years ago. xD

  • Ronnic

    That was the first thin I thought of after the episode “Peter.” Walter went to another universe to get his son back – why wouldn't Walternate be willing to do the same thing?

  • Bell

    The cool thing about this show is that even if a character dies, they have an alternate universe to pull him from (or maybe multiple alternate universes). Maybe we'll see Charlie return?

    Looking forward to seeing Walternate in the story line.

  • Tiffy2dles

    I LOVE Fringe!!! Its so different and yet so farmiliar, xfiles and csi all in one! Only better!!! I hope there are seasons and seasons to come and when it ends I will cry. I look forward to next season and I just know it will get better and better! These producers and writers are something else! Thank you!

  • Jane Lane

    Loved the season finale. Can't wait for the next season.

  • Barbaralilly84

    When are we going to be able to buy Season 2 on DVD???