An In Depth Look At… May’s Shocking Soap Stories!

If your favorite soap characters are confessing to crimes and acting even crazier than usual, that can only mean one thing: May sweeps is upon us! The new CBS issue of Soaps In Depth has all the details on the stunning twists and dramatic turns that will be rocking the daytime dial next month, including the major shocking confession that rocks THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS’ Genoa City when Victor confesses to having killed Adam!

“May is going to be huge on Y&R,” previews the magazines executive editor, Richard M. Simms. “There’s all kinds of big stuff unfolding, including big developments regarding the two doppelgangers who are running around town!” Already, both Jack and MIchael are beginning to eye their respective spouses warily, but neither has quite figured out the truth yet. “Both women have been replaced by very evil twins,” says the editor. “And in May, the women — we’ve dubbed them Peroxide Patty and Lipstick Lauren — put their heads together and come up with a very nasty scheme.” And of course, there’s that pesky murder mystery. “Victor’s confession definitely doesn’t mean the investigation is over. Is he capable of murder? Definitely. But that doesn’t mean he did it.”

Meanwhile, on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL, Eric’s marital troubles will have far-reaching implications. “Let’s just say the Logan girls might not be as done with Forrester Creations as Stephanie would like to believe.” And then there’s Bridget and her bouncing baby. “This story doesn’t end with the revelation of who the father is,” says Simms. “It goes far, far beyond that!”

And over in Oakdale, the stakes are high for every couple on the canvas, especially with AS THE WORLD TURNS coming to an end in September! “There are at least a couple of really unexpected things happening,” says Simms. “There’s the battle between Lily and Molly for Holden, and the fact that Meg — or NutMeg, as fans call her — might have been released from the psych ward a little bit too soon.” But the biggest shock may come from the most unexpected of places. “One of the women on the canvas decides to do something very, very wrong for what she probably thinks is the right reason. More I can not say,” he teases. “But details are in the new issue.” 

Elsewhere in the mag, fans of ATWT’s Jack will find a feature that explores every aspect of his life, and B&B viewers will be intrigued by the article exploring that show’s biggest unsolved mysteries. B&B fans will also want to vote in the semi-finals of the magazine’s Supercouple Smackdown. “Things are wrapping up,” says Simms. “This issue features the three couples who’ve beaten their rivals: Eric and Stephanie, Brooke and Ridge, and Katie and Bill. Whichever pair survives the semi-finals will wind up competing against the most popular pair from ATWT and Y&R. And that, I think, is gonna be one heck of a battle!” 

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