CBS Shocks Soap Fans!

In an unexpected move, CBS — aka the network that axed two of the longest-running soaps in the genre’s history, GUIDING LIGHT and AS THE WORLD TURNS — has announced it will be broadcasting this year’s Daytime Emmy Awards!

“It’s kind of unexpected,” admits our resident soap expert, Richard M. Simms of Soaps In Depth magazine. “To be honest, most of us in the industry assumed that if the show was covered at all, it would be on the CW or maybe even a smaller network.”

The 37th annual event will be held at broadcast on Sunday, June 27th, and will air live from 9-11 p.m. on the East Coast.

“For the first time, the event is being held in Las Vegas, which I think gives it an added level of glitz and excitement,” says Simms. “You can’t help but think of those things — and maybe a little scandal — when you think of Las Vegas!”

No news as of yet on what to expect from the actual ceremony. “Last year, the CW stepped up to the plate when ABC and CBS passed on carrying the broadcast,” says the editor. “As grateful as soap fans were for that, the show was kind of a mess. The big question this year will be how the producers picked by CBS to put the show together will deal with the challenge. Over the last couple of years, the emphasis has been less and less on soaps, which seems like a mistake. Yes, we all love SESAME STREET, but I’m thinking there aren’t a lot of kids tuning in to see Big Bird sing! Soap fans, on the other hand, are passionate about their shows.”

The broadcast could, Simms says, present a great opportunity to CBS… if used wisely. “Think about it. If CBS makes sure the soaps — and not just their own, but ALL MY CHILDREN, GENERAL HOSPITAL, ONE LIFE TO LIVE and DAYS OF OUR LIVES as well — are front and center, it’ll attract viewers of those shows. And during every commercial break, CBS can run great ads promoting THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL and even the going-but-not-quite-gone-yet AS THE WORLD TURNS. It’s a great opportunity for CBS to draw new eyeballs to their daytime line-up.”

As for who’ll be nominated, expect the list to be announced on Wednesday, May 12.

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