You Be the Critic: Gabourey Sidibe Hosts SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE

Watching SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE is starting to feel like the TV bloggers equivalent of Groundhog Day. And since there are only so many Sunday’s we can wake up and wonder if SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE showrunner Lorne Michaels has completely lost touch with what’s funny — following yet another uneven mashup of irrelevant (Steve Harvey, Suze Orma, really?) and unfunny (We vote to centure Fred Armisen’s Obama impersonation) sketches that once again leave us wondering how an imdb-credited 28 (!) writers can so spectacularly fail to come up with less than 90 minutes of entertaining sketches once a week when the brilliant minds at THE DAILY SHOW and THE COLBERT REPORT manage to do so on a nightly basis — we’re throwing up our arms in frustration by opening up the thread to you. Did we miss something? Are we being too hard? Or was there absolutely nothing funny — outside of the always solid Seth Meyers Weekend Update — that was worth staying up for?

  • joshemerson

    I always think the Suze Orman sketches are funny. The rest of the show sucked though.

  • kevin

    i like armisen's obama. but the sketch wasn't all that funny last night. and i thought the steve harvey sketch was hillarious. other than that, the weird alarm clock noise one is always funny, and the public workers awards was pretty good too.

  • Nick

    They'd better be saving up for the Betty White show in two weeks.

    And they can never have too many ESPN Classic sketches; they're sidesplitting.

  • TMZ

    The only funny skit featuring the host was the Old Lady yelling at the guys on the stoop. Gabby blew several of her lines so that hurt the show as well. It wasn't the worst episode (that belongs to January Jones), but it wasn't great either.

  • While I applaud Wiig's spot-on impersonation, I've never found it funny!

  • Josh

    Not great, but not too good either. I thought the Steve Harvey was pretty funny. I think Keenan is pretty funny. The alarm clock sketch was funny too. Probably not as good as the horn one with J Lo thoguh. The rest was not memorable.

  • Ace

    I have never found any of Wiig's characters funny. I must be missing something, but she is the most annoying cast member ever as far as I'm concerned. Gabourey was fine, but the rest of the show was awful.