Good News: The powers that Glee be are promoting scene-stealers Brittany and Santana to full-fledged series regulars next season. Bad News: For the already screen-challenged Artie, Tina and Mike (Or as Sue Sylvester might put it, “Wheels, Asian and Other Asian.”) [Source]

Good News: For Gilles Marini (Luc), who according to Michael Ausiello will be sticking around for BROTHERS & SISTER fifth season. Bad News: For Frank Luke Grimes (Ryan), who is getting the ax to make room in the budget. [Source]

Good News: ALIAS alum Merrin Dungey (Francie/Evil Francie) has just landed a major recurring role on the second season of HBO’s HUNG. Bad News: Adding yet another show to our ever-expanding list (see: BUFFY, ANGEL, SIX FEET UNDER, DOCTOR WHO) of summer “projects.” [Source]

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  • irishjoe

    Great for Brittany & Santana..

    Re: Ryan on B&S.. to be honest, I forgot that he was still on the show, he was such a pointless character and it seems like he hasnt been around for a few months anyway… If they never mentioned him again I doubt anyone would even notice…

  • joshemerson

    I quit watching B&S around the time they started that stupid Ryan storyline and just picked it back up, so this is great news.

    I'm with you on having too many summer “projects.” I'm planning on watching Supernatural and Fringe. I'd like to check out Doctor Who too. I guess it'll be a Sci-Fi summer!