• Not so legendary news, LEGEND OF THE SEEKER canceled.
• Note to LA based criminals, SOUTHLAND to continue walking the beat for a third season.
• Showtime heats up, with Rob Lowe dropping by CALIFORNICATION.
• Standing by their man animation brethren, THE SIMPSONS show support for SOUTH PARK.
• Fangastic interview! Deadline interviews THE VAMPIRE DIARIES showrunners Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec.
• Get the Lowe-down, on how PARKS AND RECREATION landed Rob Lowe.

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  • damn! I've been REALLY enjoying Legend of the Seeker!

    one more fantasy/sci-fi show off the air… we're heading towards a world of 99% criminal/medical/legal procedurals or family dramedies. ugh!

  • Jonah23

    I'll be honest, Legend of the Seeker is one weekly show I NEVER MISS. I love the characters, the actors, the stories, and am just truly sickened by this cancellation.

    Tribune is the chief culprit in the show's demise, make no mistake about it. But the syndicator sure didn't help with a trace of promotion, either.

    Folks, the reality is: if you want a show to survive, you've gotta be a faithful TV VIEWER, not a DVR or online person, and you need to help promote the show yourself. I know people don't want to hear that, but what do you think is discussed in network board rooms?

  • Jonah23

    I don't know how I became “Jonah23,” but hey, I'll roll with it.

    — aka, Nick

  • joshemerson

    But unless you're a Nielsen household, it doesn't really matter when you watch the show.

  • Jonah23

    Which is why Nielsen has monopolized the biggest scam (“credible” ratings…yeah, right) since leasing a car and selling bottled water.

  • Abby

    Not to mention reality shows. Double ugh!

  • I'm not even in the country so I count even less… 🙁

  • Josh_Ca

    Loved the plec/williamson interview. I'm ready to put the stamp of best show of the season on TVD. It's well written, well acted and always leaves me wanting more. It's neck and neck, so to speak haha, with Modern Family

  • Save Our Seeker!!!