Sink Your Teeth into the Official TRUE BLOOD Season 3 Poster

Quite frankly, we’re just relieved this just released TRUE BLOOD season 3 poster isn’t another tired homage to “The Last Supper!” (Click on the poster to expand)

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  • irishjoe

    I like the poster, but Jessica's pose kinda… well for lack of a better word, “scares” me…
    BTW, dont think you mentioned it here, but Minisode #1, Eric & Pam is online now, and it's sooo good, cant wait for this show to return!

  • Pose aside, I'm quite surprised at how front and center Jessica is on the poster not being an original cast member.

  • Yeah I heard she dies very soon in the books, but keeping her alive in the show was brilliant as Jessica is a great character.

  • irishjoe

    Sourabh, I dunno where you heard that Jessica dies in the books, because I have read all 9 Sookie Stakehouse books and there has never been a Jessica character! Jessica was created specifically for the TV show, so she certainly doesn't die in the books… Lafayette is the one who died in the first book, but Alan Ball decided to keep his character around so he didn't die on the TV show!

  • I heard about Lafayette, but someone online told me that the female vampire Bill turns dies very soon. Sadly misinformed, I was.