Say What? Our TV Quote of the Day!

“Just watched the final 2 hrs of “24.” A fitting end to this once in a lifetime show. It will not disappoint.” promises @maskedscheduler, a mysterious TV industry veteran who every once in a while will peel back the mask just a bit to regale readers with fascinating tales from the Hollywood trenches over on his blog.

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  • Thanks for that article, as a solid 24 fan, made my day..

  • Linda B.

    I'm so behind on 24. I have 12 hrs on my DVR right now and I think there's 5 more hours yet to air. Guess what I'll be catching up on this summer. 😉

  • kevin

    gotta say, the first half of this season was not particularly good. but they've really gotten their act together and the last 6 or so episodes have been really strong. i'm hoping it continues so the series goes out on a high note. creatively, at least.

  • It's a good thing. 24 has always been more enjoyable watched back to back.
    I am currently re-watching all the seasons back to back..