We GLEE-cap last night’s High’s and Low’s From “Home”

High Note: Unlike last week’s jam-packed Madonna-thon, last night’s toned down instalment of GLEE was a welcome return to our favorite type of episode: One that features story, song and memorable moments for New Directions members that aren’t named Rachel Berry.

Low Note: For the first time in GLEE’s short history, we did not immediately click on over to iTunes to purchase songs following the episode.

High Note: Despite a really scary vein that pulsated from her forehead when she hit those high notes few humans can reach, it’s hard to argue against another special guest appearance by Kristin Chenoweth as part-time mistress, full-time roller-skating rink owner April Rhodes.

Low Note: Aside from the fact that we find it hard to believe roller-skating rinks still exist (As Santana put it, “Weren’t those outlawed in like 1981 for being totally lame.”) we can’t help but feel that a little Chenoweth goes a long way, and three fairly long songs, while no doubt technically brilliant and emotionally resonate, may have been a little too much.

High Note: Mercedes storyline that had her dealing with the very-same weight issue that affects millions of woman (and probably more than a few men) around the world was beautifully handeled, brought with it what we can only hope is the start of a beautiful friendship with Quinn and culminated in a show-stopping rendition of “Beautiful,” complete with back-up from the Cheerios.

Low Note: Not to nitpick here, but when did the Sue Sylvester’s Cheerleading Cheerios become a Glee club?

High Note: Chris Colfer continues to dare voters to not award him a best supporting actor Emmy with another phenomenal performance that had Kurt’s scheme to bring together his father Bert (the fantastic Mike O’Mally) and Finn’s mother (Romy Rosemont) in an effort to get closer to Finn backfire spectacularly.

Low Note: Kurt may be heading towards single white female territory with that last shot of him both literally and figuratively on the outside as he watched his father and Finn bonded over that sport with that ball.

High Note: Brittany continues to slay us with lines like “I’m pretty sure my cat’s been reading my diary,” and her suggestion to Mercedes that “sometimes I add a teaspoon of sand,” to her Sue Sylvester-patented energy concoction.

Low Note: The queasiness television writers are undoubtedly feeling knowing that they’re going to have to seriously step up their game to knock Brittany from what’s quickly becoming a permanent spot on our TV Quotes of the Week. Yes, we’re talking to you Bill Lawrence!

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  • SaneN85

    Yeah, I think KC's visit would have been a lot more enjoyable if they didn't shove so many loooong songs down our throats. Also, I was not digging the Kurt s/l. I like Kurt, mostly, but I don't think he should be receiving an emmy anytime soon.

    We have a skating rink here, and it stil gets pretty decent business. Also, from what I understand, they're still pretty busy down in the South as well.

  • joshemerson

    I ended up fast forwarding through most of Kristen Chenoweth's songs. I like her, but it was just dull.

    Great episode otherwise though. I like it a lot more when they advance the story and do heartfelt stuff instead of ones like last week where they stuff as many songs in as they can. I loved the Mercedes storyline.

  • Amy_D259

    I wasn't a big fan of this episode.
    Maybe it was because I just didn't like the songs at all.
    Amber Riley was great though 🙂

  • Luke

    Last nights episode was definitely my least favorite Glee episode so far. Kurt was being so selfish it was hard to watch. I was actually turning the channel during some of the musical numbers because they were so boring. Glee is still my favorite show, but this episode was terribly sloppy.

  • Kurt was definitely being selfish, but in his defense it probably wasn't easy watching Burt bond with what in essence was the son he never had.

  • Kate

    I’m with those who didn’t like this episode.

    The music was pretty but, for the most part, very dull (I actually flicked away from songs to check out The Biggest Loser!).

    The Mercedes storyline was just okay for me. I’m not sure how or why, but I expected better. I liked seeing Quinn play nice though.

    I like a lot Chris Colfer and think he’s adorable, but I don’t see all the fuss about him being such a stellar actor. Good yes, cute, certainly; but great – not for me.

  • Sanen85

    Still, he is one of my least favorite characters. He's such a smug little turd, and the way he treats Rachel with absolutely no reason bugs me to no end. I think he and Mercedes are cute when they aren't involved with the others, but that's it. Mercedes can be pretty rude sometimes, but she's kind of an underdog in my eyes, so I let it slide a little more.

  • You know, I hadn’t thought much of it until now. There actually is a roller rink here. And it’s well used. And, oh yeah, I live in Lima, OH…where Glee “takes place”.

  • Katie

    When I think about it though, Kurt & Mercedes are true to life outcasts – the kind who would quite happily throw another loser (ahem, Rachel) under the bus if it distracts the torture from them. I don't mean for this to sound as critical as it might, it's just something that happens in high school.
    There's always those few poor kids who even the other outcasts make fun.

  • chels725

    I like how they deviated away from the Rachel for the week. Lea Michele is great and all but a little goes a long way.
    I also liked Kurt and Mercedes. Anytime they're used we are guaranteed more than 4 words from Artie and Tina.
    I loved seeing Quinn do something. I feel like I'm one of the few people who likes her. Maybe it's my villian fetish.
    I wish the show would focus more on the supporting cast and quit pushing Cory Monteith down everybody's throats.
    Also I love Kristen Chenoweth but they totally wasted her. They could've done so much with her character and they just replaced Lea with her this week.

  • chels725

    Oh also forgot to mention that Brittany needs a permanent spot on the quotes of the week. Heather Morris is officially the queen of one-liners. One of the best scene stealers ever.

  • ToddWinNC

    Unlike most others, I felt this episode was an improvement over the last two episodes, but even then, I still fast-forwarded through parts of it. This is a show with a good concept, decent characters, and good musical numbers (sometimes).

    But, the writing still seems off somehow. It's like the writers and/or producers can't make up their mind what they want to do with the characters, so they press a reset button at the end of every episode. They're more concerned with “theme” nights (Madonna night and the lame “Hello” theme) than with cohesive character development.

    Take Finn & Rachel for instance… The 2nd half of the season starts up with them dating and almost instantly breaking up, but after such a long hiatus, I didn't even remember that they got together in the first place. Couldn't they show those two trying out a relationship for, I don't know, 3 or 4 episodes at least? I know it's high school & hormones are raging, but in *three whole years* of high school how many people did Buffy Summers, Rory Gilmore, or even the characters of BH 90210 date?

    Rachel has already dated Puck, had a crush on Mr. Schuster, and is now dating the new guy. This is just the first season. How many guys will she, an alleged outcast, date in season 2? Finn is the same way (thought he knocked up Quinn, took Santana & Brittany out to dinner, and had his first time with Santana — while still dating Rachel, I think; maybe not; I can't keep up). I'd just like a little consistency and for certain storylines to last a few episodes at a time.

    On the bright side, I did like Quinn befriending Mercedes, Sue following up with the kid that has Down Syndrome, and some of the lines they gave Kristen Chenoweth's character like how she came on to Schu after learning of his separation and when she was proud of herself for not having a drink in an hour.

  • shananigans

    I actually went to download One Less Bell to Answer almost immediately and if I wasn't low on funds I would have went for Fire as well. As for House is not a Home, I'm a huge fan of the original Luther Vandross version and unfortunately Kurt's voice was a bit too high for me but other than that, I loved the old school throwbacks. I've rewatched and sang along twice now since the original airing.

  • shananigans

    I agree with you about having some of the storylines last a little longer. I liked when Rachel dated Puck for that one ep but it was dropped and never brought up again. They do need to explore things more though you might not want to use BH 90210 as an example against promiscuity. They hopped around like crazy and many cheated. 🙂