Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Reasons Why We Are Loving PARENTHOOD

Peter Krause
Be it his understandably horrified reaction to accidentally opening daughter Haddie’s mail-order bra from [Redacted for obvious product placement] to the introduction of the “Fever,” quite possibly the funniest set of dance moves since CJ strutted her stuff with “The Jackal,” Peter Krause’s portrayal of father-only-sometimes-knows-best Adam Braverman continues to knock it out of the park and more importantly, erase the bad memories from the uneven train wreck that was DIRTY SEXY MONEY.

What started out as a frosty adversarial relationship circa GILMORE GIRLS season six has quickly evolved into a far less antagonistic one more reminiscent of GILMORE GIRLS season one. Oh sure, the banter may be at a less frenetic pace, and the family resemblance may not quite be there, but all the same we’re head over heels in love with Lauren Graham’s Sarah and Mae Whitman’s Amber. Particularly when Amber is pointing out that the poem one-night-stand Jim (Mike O’Malley) is reciting is more than likely about Sarah’s “Vag!”

90210 Alum Alert!
When Kristina (Monica Potter) wasn’t busy getting teased about her dated wardrobe (that as Sarah so accurately pointed out looked like it walked off the set of DYNASTY) or deciphering the difference between a “tweet” and a “chirp” as the newest (and oldest) member of her former colleague’s election campaign, she was busy wooing an assemblyman for his endorsement played by none other than original BEVERLY HILLS 90210 star Mark D. Espinoza (Jesse Vasquez). Indeed, Andrea Zuckerman would be proud.

Dax Shepard
To say that we were apprehensive when we heard about the casting of an actor, who aside from having the moniker of “Dax,” was most famous for his work in Ashton Kutcher’s PUNK’D and Seth Green’s Without a Paddle would be an understatement. That said, when we’re wrong, we’re wrong. And why we’d like to publicly take this opportunity to apologize to Shepard for judging an actor by his resume> and fess up to being immensely impressed with his work as Crosby Braverman. Seriously. Kristen Bell, we totally get it.

The Opening Credits
While PARENTHOOD still has a long way to go when it comes to usurping FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS as television’s go-to drama for realistic portrayals of family, it may surprise you to learn that there is one area where the series already excels: The theme song. Where PARENTHOOD gets it right is that its theme song of “Forever Young” beautifully connects the actor name with the character. Unlike, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, whose only fumble (and our biggest pet peeve, outside of that pesky second season murder mystery) was always the fact that the opening credits were completely out of sync with the characters that were being flashed on screen, making it that much more difficult for us as a viewer to connect with the characters. Honestly, you would not believe how long it took us to figure out that Aimee Teegarden wasn’t playing Tyra Collette!

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  • Nicole

    I couldn't agree more. Parenthood started off slow for me and a lot of the acting, especially from top-notch actors, felt very awkward at first but the show has really grown into something, in my opinion. It isn't trying to be something it isn't and it has a lot of heart and the relationships between the characters have become a lot more fleshed out and comfortable. I agree about #4 and #5, as well. Crosby is probably my favorite on the show and that storyline (and the Asperger's storyline since I work in special ed) was the first one I connected with. And the opening credits are beautiful. It's nice to have a show with actual opening credits, too, since most shows are now going to the title only screen instead.

  • ToddWinNC

    I agree about this show. The last two episodes have been particularly strong. I laughed out loud at least five times during the first half hour of this Tuesday's episode.

    So glad Lauren Graham is on this show. If she wasn't, I may not have given it a chance. I think Lauren Graham is on already her way to being unfairly passed over for a deserving Emmy nomination like she was for her seven years as Lorelai Gilmore.

    I'm not really familiar with the previous works of Peter Krause and Dax Shepard, but they're great too. Really, the casting for the whole show seems perfect. The girl they have playing Hattie even looks like she could be Monica Potter's daughter. I'm not even that good at detecting family resemblances, and even I can tell they have similar facial features.

    I also like the opening credits. The song itself is decent, and it was a good choice including child photos of the actors to make it look like an old Braverman family photo. It always gets me in the right mood for the show.

    At first, I though Parenthood was just a knockoff of ABC's Brothers & Sisters, but Parenthood feels so much better. Even amongst the drama, it always finds a way of feeling upbeat. B&S can sometimes get melodramatic, depressing, or annoying.

    Parenthood is getting so good, it's kind of hard to believe it's on NBC. 😉

  • ToddWinNC,
    Not familiar with Peter Krause's work? Stop what you're doing right now and go pick up the complete SPORTS NIGHT series, Aaron Sorkin's lesser known masterpiece that will go down as one of the most brilliant-but-cancelled shows in the history of the small screen.

  • Ace

    And Six Feet Under! Peter Krause was always my favorite on that show too. I'm really glad that NBC is keeping it around for another season. It has really found a great balance between drama and humor in the last few weeks. And most of the storylines seem extremely real instead of the normal far fetchedness that dramas can get into.

  • Schwa044

    I love Peter Krause and Lauren Graham and I am so totally in the same boat about Dax Shepard. I get it Kirsten Bell I really really do.

  • shara says

    I totally agree – this show is SO worth watching, for a lot of reasons. The cast seems really comfortable in their roles, with Dax Sheperd definitely being a standout. I also love the Sarah-Amber dynamic, and I'm enjoying all the storylines at the moment. Its really coming together and I look forward to it every week.

  • Abbey

    Agree wholeheartedly.

    … and liked the West Wing reference thrown in, “The Jackal” was epic.