Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Television’s Most Manipulative Moms

With Mother’s Day rapidly approaching, we’d like to take this opportunity to remind everyone to order flowers and candy for their moms. To that end, we point out that even if you have a few issues between you — and hey, who doesn’t? — it could be worse. At least these manipulative matriarchs aren’t pulling your strings!

Marilyn Tobin, DAMAGES
Although played by funny lady Lily Tomlin, Marilyn’s actions were no laughing matter! So greedy was this supposed lady that she kept her son in the dark about his secret offspring just to make sure he wouldn’t call off a hit on the girl and, by extension, prevent the family from retrieving ill-gotten gains!

Catalina Creel, CUNA DE LOBOS
Sure, your mom might nag, but we’re willing to bet she didn’t wear an eye patch for years and let you feel guilty for having poked out her peeper… only to later reveal that both her baby blues were perfectly fine. And frankly, that was probably the least evil thing the this infamous telenovela villainess did!

The only thing Lucille loved more than her children? Alcohol, pills, interchangeable maids whose names she could neither pronounce nor remember, corporate chicanery and any thing else that can be spelled with letter ranging from A-Z.

This mouthy mama proved that a boy’s best friend — and a wife’s worst enemy — is his mother. Especially when she lives across the street and thinks your home has an open-door policy.

Stephanie Forrester, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL
This lady comes very close to crossing the fine line between loving your children and looooving your children, especially where first-born son Ridge is concerned. (When it comes to his half-brother, Thorne, she takes an approach best summed up by a quote from GLEE’s Sue Sylvester: “Yeah, I don’t care so much about that.”)

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  • Jason P

    Jane Krazmerick (spelling??) in “Malcolm in the middle”.

  • Jason P

    Jane Krazmerick (spelling??) in “Malcolm in the middle”.

  • Lucille and Mrs. Archer (from Archer) both played by Jessica Walter

  • sanen85

    No Angela Petrelli? I think she'd deserve a spot on this list before Marie Barone.

  • Ace

    I'm not sure any of these gals can top Emily Gilmore.

  • sanen85

    I thought about her too, but then I remembered that she was mostly honest and upfront about everything. I don't think exchanging family time for loans was that manipulative. *shrugs*

  • Lia

    you forgot Gemma Teller, Sons of Anarchy

  • polishtvsucks

    I also do think that Emily is missing from the list.

  • LuckyFish11

    I was expecting to see Julie Cooper-Nickel-Cooper from the OC on this list…