Must Read TV: Alec Baldwin, Conan O’Brien, Hank Azaria & More!

• Bubble Alert: Deadline Hollywood looks at what’s in and what’s out.
• This just in: Alec Baldwin to host the season finale of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE.
• In case you missed it, CBS has posted the entire 60 MINUTES interview with Conan O’Brien.
• From the department of childhood TV nostalgia, Hank Azarai as Gargamel in The Smurfs!
• Mark your calendars, Showtime announces summer premiere dates.

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  • joshemerson

    I love what Deadline has to say about Chuck's chances! 😀 I'm dying for an early renewal.

    It seems odd that ABC is still considering picking up Old Christine. I could understand the past few years, when their comedy lineup was nonexistent, but with the success of Modern Family I expected them to go with new shows instead of one like Christine. But I like Christine so I'd be happy if they did pick it up.

  • I LOVE CHRISTINE and think it would make a perfect companion to THE MIDDLE, or for that matter COUGAR TOWN

  • Linda B.

    Speaking of Showtime shows, any idea if Dexter will premiere like it usually does in mid-late September? Haven't heard how Michael C. Hall's recovery is doing and if the filming of season 5 will be delayed due to his illness.

  • Sanen85

    Hank Azaria was really the only choice for that role.

  • According to reports, Michael C. Hall is doing great and making a full recovery according, so I would imagine DEXTER season 5 will arrive this September on schedule.

  • Ace

    No offense to Christine, but it would have been much better if ABC had kept Samantha Who? around a little longer. It would have paired perfectly w/ Cougar Town.