TV Ratings: Sunday May 2, 2010

Source: MediaWeek, Viewers: in millions
Time Network Show Viewers 18-49
8PM CBS The Amazing Race 10.73 2.9/9
ABC Extreme Makeover: HE 7.63 2.1/6
FOX The Simpsons 6.05 2.7/8
NBC Minute to Win It 5.37 1.7/5
8:30PM FOX Cleveland Show 5.73 2.6/7
9PM ABC Desperate Housewives 11.96 3.7/10
CBS Cold Case 9.42 2.0/5
FOX Family Guy 7.68 3.7/10
NBC Celebrity Apprentice 6.97 2.5/7
10PM CBS Cold Case 9.93 2.2/6
ABC Brothers & Sisters 9.08 2.7/7
NBC Celebrity Apprentice 6.78 2.6/7

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  • Wow i guess family guy won in a big way last night.

  • Too bad FAMILY GUY decided to celebrate their 150th episode in a really strange and not-so-funny manner.

  • see its so odd you say that cause i thought it was probably one of the most well done episodes in the series. it was hilarious by any means but it was very well done in exploring the relationship in a funny way

  • Josh,
    While the show was certainly a nice look at the show's only two reasons to tune in, I found the entire plot surrounding the diaper disgusting to the point that I almost turned off the episode.