As a fellow EVERWOOD addict, I’m very excited for Gregory Smith’s return to the small screen in ROOKIE BLUE. What’s the word on the street? — Connor
The TV Addict: Having just recently had the chance to screen the pilot, fans of the artist formerly known as Ephram Brown will be happy to discover that ROOKIE BLUE does in fact live up to its billing of GREY’S ANATOMY meets NYPD BLUE by delivering a competently produced police procedural with the usual array of TV tropes that go with it (See: Inter-office romance and secrets galore!) That said, would we really be as excited for the show if it didn’t star an EVERWOOD alum? Probably not. But we’ll get to more of that in our full-fledged review coming soon.

Do you think tonight’s episode of LOST titled “The Candidate” will bring with it a definitive answer as to which Kwon, be it Sun or Jin, Jacob was referring to? — Amber
The TV Addict: Yes. But don’t take our word for it, here’s what actor Daniel Dae Kim coyly teased during a one-on-one interview with him last week late last week. “There will be progress in that regard.” Adding, “No” when we followed up with whether or not he was surprised as to who was the lucky candidate was.

As a huge fan of Puck (Mark Salling) I find myself slightly less than gleeful when it came to the show’s first three episodes back which have been severely lacking in the Puck department! When can this Puck fan expect a storyline for our favorite bad boy? — Ashley
The TV Addict: Change you can believe in comes in the form of the May 11th episode entitled “Laryngitis,” which has Rachel and her alarming sore throat taking a backseat to Puck and Kurt. The former of which looks to climb the McKinley High social ladder by making a very interesting decision. While the latter decides to adjust his personality in an effort to please his Dad, culminating in not just one, but two huge solos and what our mole on the set calls “a really huge performance piece.”

Does creator Shonda Rhimes have anymore plans for a GREY’S ANATOMY/ PRIVATE PRACTICE crossover this May? — James
The TV Addict: Unfortunately, Shonda Rhimes has already gone on record, well, make that twitter and said that as of this moment, there are no plans for any further crossover episodes this season. But if it’s crossover you’re into, FOX is picking up the slack by delivering a crossover of its very own when Peter and the gang’s search for the source of a dirty joke leads them to Virginia where they reunite with Cleveland on the May 16 episode of FAMILY GUY.

Fiercely loyal HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER fan here who keeps refreshing with the hopes of learning something, heck anything new about the movie being written by Ted’s ex-fiance’s husband Tony. Curious if you have any intel on how the movie turned out? — Mike
The TV Addict: Since prolific TV bloggers such as ourselves were banned from test screenings of the movie the only morsel of intel we have comes courtesy of this first! exclusive! look! at Ted’s reaction to seeing his life on screen. Read into that as you will.

Forget BROTHERS & SISTERS, the Bravermans are the new Walkers! Any word on just how big Papa Braverman’s money troubles are? — Piper
The TV Addict: So big that Zeek will soon find himself out on his big Braverman behind and forced to stay with Adam and Kristina. Not surprisingly, Mamma Braverman doesn’t like being kept in the dark when it comes to Papa Braverman’s financials!

I am finding myself more and more captivated by Julianna Margulies’ GOOD WIFE as the weeks wear on, any spoilers? — Madison
The TV Addict: Remember Dylan Baker’s Colin Sweeney? The totally creepy man suspected of murdering his wife earlier in the season. Well, he’s back! Downside is that he was found handcuffed to a dead woman’s body which Alicia will somehow have to explain to a jury on the May 18 episode of THE GOOD WIFE.

Do you think there is any hope for Liz Lemon? I find myself growing weary of her inevitable transformation into a live action “Cathy.” — Bill
The TV Addict: Firstly, don’t knock Cathy. And second, if Liz Lemon ends off the season alone (again!) it certainly won’t be due to a lack of effort as this Thursday’s episode has our lovelorn heroine revisiting past flames — including Jon Hamm, Michael Sheen, Jason Sudeikis and Dean Winters — in an effort to snag a date for Floyd’s upcoming nuptials.

Will THE OFFICE ever re-visit Angela and Dwight’s decision to have a baby? Or will it simply be forgotten like the Angela, Andy and Dwight love triangle? — Nina
The TV Addict: Unlike Dwight breaking up Angela and Andy’s relationship — which Dunder Mifflin as a whole seemed to be pretty okay with — Angela’s contractual obligation to sire Dwight a suitable offspring will be back in a big way this Thursday when Dwight will face the wrath of Angela after reneging on their agreement.

Any ideas as to how Rob Lowe is going to exit BROTHERS & SISTERS? — Scout
The TV Addict: If we had to guess, in a pine box John Locke style. Especially thanks to the following one-two punch that has executive producer David Marshall Grant letting it slip in a recent interview that Kitty will already have been dating when BROTHERS & SISTERS returns next season and we this just released photo featuring a very exasperated Robert, who in the May 16 season finale will find himself hugely in over his head thanks to a business deal gone wrong.

Please, please, please can you help save LEGEND OF THE SEEKER! — Michelle
The TV Addict: As our contributions to the brilliant-but-unsuccessful campaigns to save EVERWOOD, JACK & BOBBY and VERONICA MARS so clearly illustrate, we cannot. But what we can do it wish those fighting the good fight our best and notify all interested parties that you can visit for more information.

Well that about wraps it up folks for this edition of “Ask the Addict.” if you’ve got a question for the TV Addict, you can email me directly at or follow me on twitter @thetvaddict.

  • Boycotting WGN and ABC shows isn’t going to bring Legend of the Seeker back for a third season. The show is in danger of being cancelled because the Tribune Broadcasting company was in bankruptcy and pulled its support from the show.

    If we can find enough stations in the 22 Tribune markets to replace Tribune’s stations, that will have a better chance of producing a renewal.

  • Jonah23

    Michelle, just encourage a wide boycott of WGN and ABC Productions, which dropped the ball and are responsible not only for ending Legend of the Seeker prematurely, but also for not giving the great series any type of national promotional effort.

    Viewers in each market had to really seek for the Seeker, if they wanted to watch it. Once you watched, you were hooked. But those groups, Tribune–in particular–didn't make it easy at all. S'ppose they'll serve up reality sludge in its place.

  • sanen85

    They better do a time jump then, if they expect viewers to be okay with Kitty already dating next season. Nobody wants to watch a widow move on in three months or so.

  • Ace

    I really wish they just had Kitty and Robert move to DC instead of him dying. Esp since Calista isn't going to be around that much next season too.

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  • llg6600

    They should get rid of Kitty.. She is so annoying…

  • Kiren_dar

    How long is the relationship between Andy and the detective going to last? I want Andy/Sam! But I think the wait is usually the best part, and then afterword there is the forbidden aspect between the Training Officer and the rookie.