HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER “Twin Beds” Recap: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

THE GOOD: Brace yourself, because actual plot development did occur in an episode of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER! No really. Robin made the decision that in order to move on with her life and move in with Don, the time was right to take a break from her incestuous friendships with former flames Barney and Ted. Also falling under the category of “good” was the fact that after five seasons of missing out on the obvious gag, a character, in this case Don, erroneously assumed Ted — with his penchant for Appletinis, calligraphy and cooking — was gay. An incorrect assumption that was almost as funny as the box of letters Ted brought out to help get over Robin that was labelled”For My Biography,” which let’s face it was both so Ted, and so awesome.

THE BAD: As happy as we are that Robin has decided, at least for the foreseeable future, to stop self-sabotaging her relationship with Don by doing what Rachel couldn’t do with Ross, cut Barney and Ted out of her life. Creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas still have yet to illustrated just what exactly she sees in her new beau. Seriously. Outside of sharing the desk at New York’s earliest and lowest rated morning show, we have absolutely no idea what’s the deal with Don!

THE UGLY: Since we lack the unpaid slave labour intern to do the research for us, we have absolutely no basis in which to back up this point; But all the same, we can’t help but feel that Marshall and Lilly’s entire plot line revolving around separate beds, while funny, has definitely been done before.

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  • ggny

    when the hell did Ted turn into John Dorian?

  • joshemerson

    Ha, that was exactly my thought! It seemed sort of out of character cause I have never before thought of Ted as being much like JD.

  • Fantastic comparison ggny, Embarrassed I didn't make the connection myself!

  • Amy

    The Marshall/Lily subplot was definitely a King of Queens rip-off. But KoQ probably ripped it off from another show, too. So I guess, what goes around comes around, right? =)

  • ezfulus

    think robin will soon regret her actions in this episode. i mean, how could she just pull outta the group after what they've done for her? ted gave her place to stay, and barney her job. who the heck is don & what did he ever do for her? lol i know looks like i'm taking it seriously but i must say i'm just disappointed with robin in this episode

  • drazen1