Say What? Our TV Quote of the Day!

“We’re done. Amen.” Was what both @CarltonCuse and @DamonLindelof tweeted last night, signalling the fact that the season finale of LOST was as they say in the business “in the can,” and the end of a remarkable six year journey that will culminate with the LOST series finale set to air on May 23 at 9PM on ABC (CTV in Canada).

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  • Jonah23

    Dudes, you can be 'done' with editing this season, but please don't leave us hanging. Longtime loyal fans have lots of questions that probably won't all be answered in the coming weeks. Please throw us a bone and at least start a website or release a book (quickly) to supplement what we see on TV.

    And, of course, depending how you end this thing….TPTB would be foolish not to get Lost onto the big-screen STAT. There are billions of dollars yet to be made.