Plot Hole of the Week: THE GOOD WIFE

Because playing armchair critic is exponentially easier — not to mention far less stressful — than actually writing a hit television show, is proud to introduce the first of what we hope will become a semi-regular feature: Plot Hole of the Week. The inaugural recipient is last night’s not-so-GOOD WIFE. And what did it to to deserve such an, er, honor? Find out for yourself after the jump.

Putting aside the dubious distinction of having completely dropped the ball on the Peter Florrick-as-fugitive cliffhanger that was quickly swept under the rug prior the show’s opening credits, was the far larger problem of the shoddy police investigation surrounding Florrick’s ‘escape.’ Seriously. If there is one thing that CASTLE and the occasional LAW & ORDER have taught us, is that the first step in any investigation involving a high rise apartment building is to check the lobby security footage. Footage that would more than likely have shown Peter Florrick sprinting out of the building after wife Alicia, and thus, quickly putting an end to the ridiculous skateboarding ‘accident’ Florrick offspring Zach and Grace concocted to save their father from an all-expense paid trip back to Prison. We’re just sayin.

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