Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Reasons Why We LOVED Last Night’s LOST!

So Very Whedonesque.
While we certainly aren’t loving LOST’s recent penchant for following up emotional reunions like Sawyer and Juliet’s season opening tearjerker or Sun and Jin’s more recent rendezvous on the beach with death, death and yes, more death! We are loving the fact that nobody, no matter how long they’ve been on the show, is safe. Raising the stakes that much more for what will surely be an epic and emotionally gut-wrenching final four and a half hours.

Evil Dead.
Despite still not knowing the deal with Widmore or Jacob, last night’s episode thankfully solidified what probably should have been obvious from the start of the season: The guy capable of transforming into an insidious ball of killer black smoke is a baddie. Seriously. Fake Locke wasn’t kidding about getting off the island and will do anything — including leading our intrepid group of Losties into what turned out to be the worst “30,000 leagues under the sea” ride EVER to do so (RIP: Sun, Jin, Sayid and probably Lapidus)

The Sayid Redemption.
While we’re the first to admit that Sayid has done some pretty awful things throughout the six seasons we’ve known him. Can we not all agree that his heroic death in which he sacrificed himself for the good of [most of] the group totally makes up for all that torture and assassination>

A hero is born.
For a character that at times himself has seemed, well lost, an insignificant pawn in the battle between good and evil, it was mighty refreshing to finally see Jack Shephard, the man who we’ve always believed to be the show’s center, step up and be so absolutely right about something. Destiny is calling and much like Sayid’s last word (“It’s going to be you, Jack”) we believe in you.

Kate was shot.
Close, but no cigar!

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  • Hil

    I don't expect many (if any) to survive the island so it wasn't quite as devastating to me as others have expressed. They've been killing off main characters since season one. Bring on the carnage!

  • Jonah23

    Honestly, how Terry O'Quinn and Matthew Fox don't have a mantel full of Emmys is beyond me.

    May I remind everyone that the insipid voters gave an Emmy to…wait for it…Two & a Half Men's Jon Cryer. Doesn't that just say all you need to know about the “academy's” credibility?

  • crystalinad

    I do believe that only one will live in the main time line, so more people are going to die!

  • TVFan

    Love the Whedon shout-out. Still reeling over Wash's death. Firefly FTW!

  • sanen85

    With my luck everyone will die but Kate (and Jack of course).

  • alison1207

    Dude! I'm in the middle of watching Firefly for the first time! Wash dies!? 🙁

  • Amy_D259

    Hears to hoping Kate will get shot again 😛