An Open Letter to the CW (Re: Summer schedule, or lack thereof)

Dear CW,

In response to today’s announcement that your “summer strategy” for attracting viewers involves re-airing the defunct Alex O’Loughlin drama MOONLIGHT on Thursday nights starting June 3rd following encore episodes of the first season of the THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, we’ve got six words for you: Thank goodness for USA and TNT. And that’s us taking the high road.

We’ll have you know, our gut-reaction — after of course we took it upon ourselves to mentally downgrade your network from proverbial fifth place also-ran to cable status and taking the time to wonder aloud what exactly the CW has against actual viewers — was one of a far harsher nature. That is until we realized that perhaps we’re being too hard on the little-network-that-can’t-seem-to-get-it-right. After-all, if the economic model does not allow for your network to air original programming in the summer (or throughout most of the winter for that matter) then so be it. Our only request, assuming of course your programming strategy continues to involve raiding the vault of your WB and CBS parent companies for programming — is that perhaps next summer — YOU GET A LITTLE MORE CREATIVE!

Think about it.

How cool would it be to have paired 90210 with episodes of the original series that started it all on Tuesday nights? Or — in an effort to get fans excited for your NIKITA reboot that Deadline Hollywood’s Nellie Andreeva is calling a virtual lock for a pick-up next season — why not program a Wednesday night of female empowerment featuring the one-two punch of ALIAS and VERONICA MARS? Embarrassed over the young demographic that FOX has attracted thanks to the success of GLEE? How about airing Ryan Murphy’s POPULAR, which if memory serves is GLEE minus the music! And finally, just to shut this somewhat critical TV Addict up, would it be too much to ask for a Sunday night of our personal favorites including FELICITY, EVERWOOD and JACK & BOBBY? Figured it couldn’t hurt to ask.

The TV Addict

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  • chels725

    You take the words from my mouth. I would watch Veronica Mars reruns even though I have the box sets.

  • TVFan

    Amen! If the CW is going to insist on airing reruns, they might as well give us a choice of brilliant-but-canceled shows

  • Amy_D259

    I must say I'm kind of happy they're going to run Moonlight. I didn't see it when it was on and have been wanting to ever since I realized Jason Dohring was in it.
    Could totally go for some V.Mars and Popular though <3

  • Jonah23

    I have no problem with the Moonlight pairing…it actually makes good sense. And I'm on-board with sliding Supernatural to Fridays to see if it can prosper with Smallville.

    I do have a problem with re-airing reality shows, such as ANTM, Fly Girls & High Society. I'd much rather see Popular (perhaps the funniest show The WB ever had) and Felicity. The problem with airing shows with multiple seasons is, there are only 12 or 13 weeks of summer…so unless episodes are doubled-up, we'll only get a portion of one season.

    I'm still hoping for some original (even reality) shows, or at least something different than the GG & 90210 eps which have already been repeated to death. Soaps don't repeat well.

  • sheindie

    Felicity, Everwood, Jack & Bobby, Veronica Mars, Alias, Popular = Great Shows to help make the CW a 'go to' destination (with Supernatural + Smallville) How great that would be!!!! 😀

  • melisaurus

    i want to see all these show again cw would be my favorite channel!

  • Trappedinwonderland

    I love Moonlight and I”m looking forward to being able to watch it again, if ya'll dont' like it…..DON'T WATCH IT….Jesus…shut the eff up

  • gpkendrex

    I think a big mistake was made canceling MOONLIGHT. It should have been given one more season to catch on.This was a very well done series with a VERY good cast.It rivals all the other shows of its kind that have caught on so well in the past year and a half.Perhaps it came along just one season to soon.Its re-airs will probably leave millions of unsuspecting viewers wanting another season,and wondering how did we miss this series when it first aired ? Bad time slot,bad day,Just to many shows? Sometimes great series simply get over looked in the clutter…This was one! !